I am hiring Recruiters

Hi everyone,

I have been working here at home for 10+ years. I have been working mostly in the customer service field and some in the Real Estate field. I also have experience as a Recruiter. I have decided to take a big step and push my business forward and start hiring some people to help me. 

**If you don't have experience but you want to learn, you can apply and we can go from there**

My biggest work load right now is with job orders that I need to fill so I have decided to start hiring some experienced Recruiters. I have at least hundreds of positions that need to be filled asap. This is a commission based position. The very very least you can make off of a candidate that you find and if they get hired, the least amount would be $500, most all of the positions are way way more then that. I have only see that a time or two. I will split the amount with you 50/50. As long as the candidate that you find gets hired, we get paid.

**You can contact me on either Yahoo or Skype messengers id is Lisa_2900**

Please email your resume to me and I will get back to you asap. Or you can fax it to me at my toll free office number at 888-704-1448

If you need more info or would like to email/talk to me about this position please don't hesitate to email me. Or if you prefer to call me, you can do that too.

My home office number is 888-731-8331
My office hours are Mon-Sat 9am-6pm cst (I usually work later on Saturday's and sometimes on Sunday's) so please feel free to call and leave a message if its after hours or I am on the other line or not at my desk. I return all calls and emails usually in less then 24 hours.


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