Charlie Sheen

So I just read that Mr. Sheen got booed at for his debut last night in Detroit. I feel for the guy, I would of paid to of seen him, probably not over $50 but I would of paid to see him in person just because I don't care how much he sucks if he did suck or whatever it would be just to see him. I like him, yes I know that he has issues, geez who doesn't have an issue or two really?? I have issues, not as serious as some, but I do have them as every one else done. And I don't think its right to just judge him and say oh he has issues and needs help and he's a crappy person etc. He's a human just like the rest of us and yes he also has issues just like the rest of us and besides that, wouldn't you freaking have issues too if your life was put under a microscope?? Yes you would. Anyway that's just my opinion of things .. I hope that he does better at the rest of his shows and besides that was something new to him and he probably wasn't too sure of how to act and such but its all good....he will get some haters I'm sure out there but loyal fans who love him will keep loving him me. I so want a t-shirt of his!
Heres the link with the story about the debut of his show...


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