Thursday...almost TGIF!!

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Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a
wonderful day. Mine is going all right. Woke up with a headache but took
Excedrin migraine and its faded way out so I am very thankful for

Today is my daughter Jessica's 12 birthday!! I am in shock
that shes growing up so fast. Shes my only daughter and I'm very protective of
her and can't believe that shes almost a teenager!

Leon is fixing to go do his plasma and after go to Wally
world and pick up her cake and candles. Me and her are having a mother daughter
day Saturday. I am planing to take her to the mall and then surprise her by
taking her to go see the Hannah Montana movie. She loves her and I'm sure she
will enjoy herself. And of course I will enjoy just being me and her

So Ashton Kutcher is almost to the million, he reached 1
million on Facebook before if your a fan of his, please go to
twitter, sign up if you haven't its free and add him and support him :)

I think its pretty cool for a celeb to take on a network :)
I think its great what hes doing. One person wrote me and said that it would be
better if he actually talked/replied to his fans, he does. He doesn't just talk
to other celebs. I like him regardless and I have seen him reply to normal
everyday people so whatever. Hes doing it for a good cause and isn't that what
really matters? Some people...

Anyway, it was so nice and pretty and the sun shining and
nearly blinded me earlier when I went out to check the mail and now its cloudy
and cool out. I got pics of course and will share. I love taking and sharing

Hope that everyone is having a great day so far. Right now
its quiet here, well except for the music being'm sitting here
enjoying the time that I have alone with the cats and music while hubby is out
doing plasma and getting Jesse's cake :) Hope he doesn't forget the

Have a great day everyone..I've been twittering all
day..join me there and
then follow Ashton lol..hugs to all..have a good rest of the
From the pic above to this in less then 20 or so minutes...


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