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Good early early morning everyone. I was in the other room trying to go to sleep, but didn't happen so I am back in here and decided to write a little. Monday was actually an ok day. I got my bank card for my ChaCha account and I put some money on it instantly with the pay me now button on ChaCha so I put $55 on it. I got my paypal all fixed and situated so my other account should have money nearly $60 in it tomorrow or well today actually. So that will cover some bills and necessities. I am writing a few articles for $5 each for 1000 words. The one that I did yesterday was on Vegas! He couldn't of given me a better subject to write one! Then I will finish the other $5 1000 words article on high interest savings account later today and then start the 5 - 300 word articles, I forgot already what they are on.
I chacha'd some tonight earlier. Made some good money. Getting my total back up there. I wanted to do a goal of like $20 a day but I might up it, not sure Or I might just keep it low and then everything over that amount will be awesome. I want to do it an hour or so in the mornings and an hour or two in the afternoons and then in the evening to. I might jump on there here in a minute if I stay awake and can't go to sleep. Might as well jump on and make some good money during the night. I was reading on the forums, and some do it part time and others full time. One person said that they worked at a fast food place like 32 hours a week and made more with chacha at home then out working there. And another one said that they made $760+ in the past 2-3 weeks!! So if they can do that then I can to!! I am determined to get us moved and if I have to work a billion jobs to get it done then I will!! I saw a house over here by us about 2-3 blocks up and its a 2bedroom with 2 living areas for $75 less then what were paying. Looks like a nice sized house so we will see and then the other one I saw was a 3 bedroom for $50 less then what were paying now and it looked good to on the outside from what we could see on the outside. We will just have to wait and see. I can guarantee that I will find us something and something soon b/c this no ac BS with only fans is getting OLD fast!
So I am writing and making money and I was working for Paul as the virtual assistant but his snotty butt has talked to me since hmm the 15th! Or rather emailed me since then. He said hi to me when my messenger was off so I said hi back and then nothing! So last week no work from him and probably nothing this week either. He had ordered 2 yahoo phones off of Amazon and I was supposed to be getting one, but guess not now! So I am writing and making some good money. Not to mention that I am signing up for some get paid to click ad's and doing all right with that and the guy that I am signing up under, said that he will pay me so much per 300 clicks per site. He has 50 sites that he wants me to sign up under. I did 10 tonight, figured I would do 10 earlier and then 10-20 tomorrow and the next couple of days get them all and continue to click on them each and do like 5 sites at a time for the 20-30 seconds each and before to long I will have the 300 clicks. Not to many just depends on if they have lots of ads to click like some did and others didn't and I am trying to keep up with my other ones like my CashCrate and my squishy one I need to get caught up on and a few others. I am listing them all on my blogger site if any of you want to check out the links there and sign up under me that would be cool :) Getting paid for the 300 clicks, another job I found and got hired for on Get a freelancer and another one, a secret shopper one I found on there to. I get $20 for filling out forms on like 25 or so sites. Not to bad for an hour or so of work!! So I am doing pretty good. I am still trying to get caught up and place ads for Chris. Karen hasn't said anything to me about her ads, so I guess she wants me to chill on them for good. I got hired by another guy to place a banner ad on craigslist but I haven't heard from him since he told me to start around the 1st so not to sure where that is going. I have a list of things and places to do and omg its overwhelming but I have to do what I have to do to keep the family getting what we need and to get us moved and that's a lot of money but I can do it. Just gotta focus and move forward.
Once I get moved, I am going to take at least a day or two break that's for sure. But for now its move ahead full steam so that I can get us moved either next weekend (only if I get a million searches done lol) or in the middle of the month. Might be easier to do it that way so that its half the rent and deposit and truck some money so to speak. Or see if I could put down the deposit and save the house til the first. We will see. I am ready to get out of here.
The nieghbors are idiots and I want to leave mostly b/c of them. The ones next door and across the street are freaking nuts! Guess that is about it for now..til later..hugs


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