I am now an offical CHACHA Guide!! WOOHOO!

I am now an Official CHACHA GUIDE!!! WOOHOO!!
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Good early evening everyone. I just wanted to write and tell you all about the news I just got...I am now an oficial ChaCha Guide!!! (Cha means search) Leon made fun of me when I told him! MEN! Anyway, so if any of you want to know anything about anything use your cell and text 242 242 and then ask your question and we will answer it for you .. free! Of course if you have cost per text you will pay that but nothing to us. I have the 1000 texts so I don't have to worry about it.
So anyway, I hope that you all have a great rest of the night. I am fixing to start work now again and this time its for ChaCha. Have a good and safe night everyone..hugs

If anyone is interested, please just send an email on here or a comment and I will give you the link and such to go see if you can be a chacha guide to..you have to have a referral to be considered.


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