Anxiously awaiting Season 2 of Army Wives Tonight

Ok so its gotta be said...THANK GOODNESS Season 2 of Army Wives is here!!! I absolutely fell in love with it LAST YEAR when it first came on!!! So bad that I couldn't miss an episode .. I watched it more then my soaps!
Anyway so the night has finally gotten here... and I have less then 2 hours now..woohhoo
So besides waiting impatiently for it to get here..I have been busting my butt all day working for a lady and another guy placing ads. Getting paid $100 a week from the lady and getting paid $35 per 100 ads from the guy. So yea been busy..good busy making money but still busy and that made the day fly by. Now its time to rest and wait for my show to come on.
Hope that everyone has a great night and stays safe


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