Going on 2 hours sleep, very busy morning

    Good morning. Well, I am going on 2 hours of sleep!! Freckles had her babies!! She had one at 7:01, one at 7:27 and the last one so far at 8:02. They are each beautiful and so so tiny! I took pictures of course and will put them on here and share them later on. I was giving her another week or two but guess not..
    Shes stretched out in a drawer right now. She couldn't get to comfy in the basket or the box so we cleared out the drawer in the dresser for her. Shes much happier in there now.
    So what else is going on...hmm well I stayed up til 3 in the morning talking/chatting with a really good best friend of mine on the messy. I miss talking to her like we use to do and we caught each other on so we chatted up a storm.
    Not to much going on today...all the excitement happened and its not even 9 in the morning yet! So I figure that I will relax for a little while longer and be with my Freckles and then start work here in a little while around 10:30ish or 11. I have all day to get what I need done and I want to be here with Freckles in case she has more then the 3.
    Hope that you all have a great day...hugs
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