Frustrated with men!!

    Good evening everyone. omg I am SO frustrated with men right now and I think this is the first time lol that hubby is not the cause of my frustrations. I was supposed to of been paid today by a few people for the weeks worth of work. Well one of the guys that I work for, listening to the radio programs that he records, he owes me for 3 weeks, he pays every 2 weeks but said he would pay it all today. So we emailed back and forth and I told him well do you have paypal because he was wanting to send it to me by check or money order which I didn't have a problem with really but would rather get it in pay pal of course. So anyway, I asked him about it and he said yea he has it so I e-mailed him and told him cool ok just send it that way and then I haven't heard from him since. Well heck thats $75 for 3 weeks just listening to a few minutes of radio shows daily 4 times or sometimes 5 days a week. Anyway, the least he could of done was e-mail me and say yes ok or no or something. And then the other guy that I am frustrated with, well I hear from him usually every day and here lately hes been fine and fast with getting back to me when I had a question or whatever but today (payday) he hasn't answered me and I wrote him twice because this is the guy that I am placing ads for and hes paying me or well supposed to be paying me $35 per 100 ads posted. I posted at least 200 and thats the one that does the bonuses and on the 14th my bonuses was up to $65 so thats $70 plus the bonuses and it should be around $200!! I wanted the money..hehe I went to Ebay earlier b/c I got paid from my blogger guy. I posted 5 blogs for him this week and he paid me the $25 not to bad $5 a blog.  And I posted ads for another guy, just started with him a few nights back and got $14 from him. So I am doing pretty good. Now if Michael would just pay and Robert!! thats nearly or over $300 from the 2 of them! Then Monday it will be time to get money from Karen again..shes fast!! I send her an invoice and shes sending me money like lightening!! LOL..So I am doing pretty good with it all. Not to mention that Paul is sending me his receipts in the mail and I am hoping to get them maybe tomorrow if he sent them out yesterday or maybe Monday if he sent them out today. Whichever I will start working for him and am hoping that I can get paid from him weekly to :) I am glad that Bill liked my blogs!! I enjoyed writing them for him. So he hired me to work for him indefinately!!! So thats a set $25/week and then just with him and Karen that $100 from Karen a week so thats $500 just from the 2 of them and then the other guys..IF they ever pay me!! I am not posting anymore for Michael until I hear from him...MEN! I changed phone companies the other day and its already switched so that will save me on the phone bill now and I have voicemail now!! YAY!
I ordered a cordless phone from Ebay for a couple of bucks and it comes with 2 handsets and of course caller id thing. I got me a long phone cord to and I bought Sean some clothes on there for cheap. Nice little outfits for a few dollars .. under $10 with shipping! So not to bad. My phone wasn't that much either. I only had like hmm $30 or so and I still have $10 or $9 left..I got 3 things so not to bad.
I was hoping for alot more but thats alright for now. As long as they give it to me and its in there by morning or I am going to GRIPE big time! Michael put another ad on GAF and put that he wanted 100 ads a day!!! YIKES! Maybe thats what I need to go for IF he pays me!! Thats nearly $1000 a month if I did the 100 a day!! I like posting them so we will see. I hate though posting them on nothing but craigslist b/c thats a rip off b/c they are always flagging them or saying I can't post b/c of whatever reason. They changed the site now and it sucks.
Speaking of that though, I got on there and looked for a car just because and I saw one for $900! dang it I wish that I could get it right now. I want to save 1/4 of the money that I make. Get kids things that they need (clothes, shoes etc) with a 1/4 of it and bills with another 1/4 and then not sure with the other 1/4 lol..spend it on things i want and need like ink and so forth.
OH and I signed up for this thing where since we have cable, they send you a box like thing that hooks up to your tv/cable box and it just sits there and does whatever, monitors what you watch, anyway they will pay me $85/month for that! well heck my cable with the modem is only $102.95 a month so thats hardly anything that I will have to come up with to pay for the remainder of the cable bill. WOOHOO..if I work it out right, we could find a car and then move by the end of the year but don't know yet. I would like to move into a bigger house but we will see. There are a few that are available that Im interested in so we will see :)
Have a great and safe weekend everyone..hugs

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