My Weekend

Good afternon everyone. I hope that you all are having a great and warm weekend. My weekend is COLD! I woke up to freaking 20 something degree weather this morning and I stayed under the covers for a little while and didn't want to get up!
I HATE THE COLD WEATHER!!!!! I swear if I thought we could, lol, I would move to freaking Florida or CA just so that we wouldn't have crummy cold ass winters! I hate it here. Its crummy out and its like getting dark at 2:30 in the afternoon and its all gloomy and cloudy and grey out just plain icky!!! I honestly might look to see how much the rent is in CA somewhere I know that I am taking a long shot here but if I dared to think that we could make it...I WOULD DO IT! Anyway, just in a crummy mood today b/c of the cold icky weather.
Amazing Race comes on tonight..can't wait to see it. I love that show. Theres another movie coming on tonight at 7 figures at the same time as my AR comes on that I wanted to watch on something family channel that is called Snowglobe or something like that with Mario Lopez and Melisa Joan Hart I think and it was a nice little commercial about it but I dont' want to miss my AR so I guess I will miss the movie and hope that htey replay it later on this week or something so that I can watch it then. My hands are cold and I am making so many mistakes just sitting here typing so I guess thats about it for now. I am one of the people that I just get cold no matter if its warm in the house, I still get cold..hate it!!
Anyway, hope that you all have a great night and wonderful rest of the week. Oh and I wanted to say that one of my friends so to speak, he wrote me the other day and told me that hes going to Iraq in 2-3 weeks (SUCKS right around Christmas) so I just wanted to say taht I hope that he stays safe while hes over there and I hope that we stay in touch.


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