Don't know what you have til its gone!! (like electricity)

Good afternoon everyone. We have had one HELL of a day!!!!!! And thats NOT exazerating (spelling) Im to tired to look up how to spell words lol so some might be mispelled!! LOL...
WE WERE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY FOR 4 HOURS TODAY!!!!!!!! So the wonderful phrase, you don't know what you got or have til its gone is soooo TRUE!!!!!
This morning I went in there to watch Y&R and right after I did the freaking electricity blinked on and then off like 4 times! Then it went off for good!!! So we thought OH GREAT! Leon walked to the corner store and they had no electricity either. So it was for at least 3 blocks. I called Pizza Time on a busy road by us and he said theres was out. I called Wal-Mart and they had electricity. So then I called the kids school, theres was on. Leon decided that him and Jared needed to go to walmart while there electricity was on and get us some food like sandwhiches etc so I called walmart again to make sure it was still on so that Leon and Jared wouldn't walk all the way up there for nothing. So I called them again and they said yea it was still on and the lady said where are you and I told her m y street and she said oh yea well half of Lawton is out!!! And Kansas City Missouri!! So my heart goes out to ALL the people out there without electricity right now. So anyway Leon and Jared went up there to walmart and me and the kids sat here covered up and trying to keep warm. Leon and Jared came BANGING on the door and I got up and let them in Chris and Jesse was asleep they took a short nap.
I called in THREE times within the past 4 hours and reported our outage. They had a automated thing and it came on and siad that 200,000 people in OK was without electricity and that there was 2500 workers from other states was coming in to help out and get the electricity on as soon as possible. OMG they scared the tar out of us because earlier when I had called before Leon and Jared went to walmart, the lady on the automated thing said that they would get on the service by TUESDAY THE 18TH OF DECEMBER!!!!!! OH HELL NO!!!! So thats another reason Leon said better go stock up on sandwiches b/c we can't cook.
Leon fixed us sandwiches and we ate them and talked and just goofed off and then Leon was going in my room (we were hanging out in the front room) he was going in my room and said I guess thats it for my job...and I said WHY??? and he said b/c I am NOT walking home at night with no street lights and he was saying that he couldn't go to work either b/c he couldn't wash his work clothes and then LOL I am telling you the good Lord above said oh no no no and the lights came on!!!! NOT KIDDING!!! It was amazing!! I think that my grandfather, Leon's mom and others got together and said they need there electricity back on and the lights came on. They came on for a few minutes and then went off for a min, came back on and then off for about 5 mins and then back on and (knock on wood) they have been on ever since around 3:30 or so.
I am thankful for having the lights back on, the pc and my MUSIC!!!!! Not to mention the tv for the kids. Anyway, just thought I should jump on here and get this wrote before something happens again.
My prayers and thoughts are with those that don't have there lights back on yet. I hope that everyone stays safe and as warm as they can and I hope that they get it back on ASAP b/c I am telling you if we would of been without it until next week on Tuesday the 18th OMG I just can't imagine!
So now I am told by Leon that he was serious and since he called in Friday is what hes telling me, which thats my fault because I had a panic attack and just felt wierd and didn't want him to leave, well hes telling me that he basically lost his job b/c of missing Friday!! So now thats that and I told him Thursday hes going up there getting his check and getting a pair of black pants for working somewhere else regardless if its a chicken place or wherever hes goign to work b/c I can't handle him being back up on my butt 24/7's again...doesn't even have to be full time, just part time would be fine with me. I got offered a job the other day. I saw it in my email from Cloud 10 but I need to have more memory and I need to have more free space which I don't have on this pc ... I need a new one. I was thinking of renting to own just for the job so I don't know..they have one for $25 aweek and I might just check into it more.
So thats about it for now, going to start transferring more of my old blogs off of my 360 yahoo to here. I don't want to lose them. Hugs...


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