Jan 2, 2014

Almost there...

I am almost there in fulfilling what I want out of my life. I am now a free and single mom, that is the one goal that I loved that happened last year.

I made the choice to get out of a bad situation. Yes I understand not everyone agrees with the decision that I made but, I feel and still feel that it was the right one and I would do it again if I had too.

I am almost there in making myself a whole person again. Its taking me time to get to where I am with myself and to see that being a mom isn't all that I am. I am a woman that needs to do things for me as well. And especially since my kids are now all teens and they don't have to have me 24/7's as much that its okay for me to do things for me and to get myself things once in awhile..

So I am almost there in a lot of ways and I like that I am growing and understanding the person that I am and living life to the fullest.

Have a great 2014!!

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