Jun 1, 2012

1st of June - Good morning

Wow so its June 1st already....hard to believe. I am up and not sure if I will be getting that much sleep and I know darn well that I need to get some sleep I have a very busy day today......
Work at 9 and covering for someone in a class at 10 until noon and not to mention sometime going grocery shopping...was thinking in the morning but not too sure that is going to happen since I have work and class....Good sales going on at the stores though so that is a good thing and that's why I am wanting to get out in the morning thinking that things won't be out of stock in the morning but if I wait until the afternoon they might be...hmm...and I have to get out and go get a money order for the rent and send it out and not to mention pay all the bills online...fun fun!!!
So yea just a little bit busy today yet I am still up.....don't figure!
Have a great day everyone!

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