May 28, 2012

Anyone play WOW? Diablo 3 or GW?

Curious if anyone plays any of the games that I sometimes do... I haven't actually played WOW (world of warcraft) in awhile but yesterday I played for an hour or so and got one of my hunters up to 47!! YAY!! And then today I have been playing on and off for an hour and about half way to 48..woohoo moving on up!
I have Diablo 3 free because of wow but I'm not too sure that I even like Diablo...I will say this, I wouldn't pay the $60 for it!! No way from the little that I have played it would I ever spend that much on it!
I will however spend the $60 on Guild Wars 2 when it comes out in June and I will spend a whopping $20 probably on Torchlight 2 when it comes out I think in July. But with Diablo...I think that for all the time they took on that darn game its a disappointment and especially when they kept shutting it down for maintenance etc for the first couple of days because of servers or whatever other reasons that was absolutely ridiculous!
So which RPG game do you play or is your favorite? I haven't played GW in awhile either but I'm thinking getting back into it since the 2 one is coming out in the next few weeks I believe in June! Pre-ordering it soon so that I can have a 3 days advance start to everyone else that is waiting for the actual release date. I won't spend the $80 on it though not even for all the extras you get and $60 is outrageous as it is but that is the only cost with it and you don't have to worry about monthly subscriptions etc like wow.

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