Mar 14, 2011

One heck of a Monday!!

I am glad to see Monday coming to a close…its been one of those mixed emotions days, something good and then crappy and then good happens..but ends up crappy!

I started the recruiting job today, I like it. It has the office work just like I love to do and yes I am one of the crazy people that going into an Office Depot or a Staples is freaking like going into a candy store or a toy store!! I love office supplies!!

So it started good, I talked to the guy on the phone and he explained things, I loved it and then I tried printing out a few things and omg my all in one printer/fax kept beeping and popped up an error and wouldn’t print anything!! I turned it off and back on several times and still nothing so I unplugged it for a little while and thankfully after a couple of hours or so its working fine (knock on wood!!) Still has me being a nervous wreck because with this job I have a Ton of printing/faxing to do so I am thinking about maybe buying a cheaper printer as a back up incase this one decides to mess up again..ugh!

Then I cooked us supper, watched tv with the kids and then watched the Bachelor, I won’t say anything else about it in this blog but I do intend to blog more about it…mixed emotions there too!

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