Jan 21, 2011

January flying by!!

I swear it seems as though January is just flying by..already! I mean heck next weekend is the last weekend in January already! Its crazy how time flies by.
Its been a pretty good month though considering! I hate the cold! Can't stand it and am literally counting the days down until Spring! I like the 60's and 70s weather .. Not to hot and not too cold.
We got our state taxes back yesterday. We had a good time :) I bought the kids Sims 3 for the wii and all of them love it and I let my oldest son pick out a few games for his self since he isn't too much into the sims like the other kids are. Hubby wanted to get a psp and games and then still get a laptop next week? What the hell is up with that? Why does he seem to think that he needs more then the kids and why is it that he seems to think that he even freaking deserves it?! He's lucky if he gets a laptop at all and he's not getting a brand new one..out of the question! I went to the pawn shop and looked around and they had the blue gateway one there that looked exactly like mine! I am planning on getting it for myself.
We bought things that we needed, the necessities to last us a week like we usually do and then when his check for this week got in the account I paid the elec bill and went out and got a few more things that we needed. And still had some left over.
So today I went out and got a few more things out in the freezing cold and ran a couple of errands. Got things handled and it was an ok day even if the sun didn't come out and it was freezing out.

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