Dec 10, 2007


Good evening...Well I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs that we were thinking about moving...well Leon cincned the deal!!
We will be moving at tax time somewhere near my friends that live in TX somewhere by where we used to live before but a little further from there like in Sherman hopefully/maybe if I can find us a place there. It won't be til tax time so say Febuary at the earliest. I get online and do our taxes and I do them as soon as possible but they were saying on the news the other day that there might be delays in getting our refunds, there better NOT be that much of a delay or else I will be PISSED!
Anyway, Leon said that Brian was there to, which I knew this but Leon seems to think that Brian needs me there closer to him so that he would have someone to go and visit and just somewhere to go and get away from all the crap and chaos in his life. Like when I lived near him before, nearly every Monday on his day off, we would go out to eat somewhere or just hang out and have fun and talk and watch movies or whatever and just relax and not worry about things. Well Leon seems to think that with all the drama that has been going on in his life lately that he needs one of his best friends me there for him to come over and vent to or just hang out if he needs to. He isn't that close with his parents anymore as far as I know, no thanks to his current wife, Im sure and I don't think that hes that close to his brother either. He goes out and bowls every Monday but maybe he needs something else to do or somewhere else to go other then bowling. hes got his wife's crap to deal with and not to mention that they (I feel SO sorry for him) live NEXT DOOR to his freaking Mother in Law which is a nightmare to say the least! If I lived next door to Leon's mom I wouldn't of been able to deal with it. She was one controlling woman of her "baby boy" (RIP, shes gone) but even if it was my own mother OH HELL NO I iwouldn't do that to me or even to Leon!!! LOL...NO WAY!
So anyway, I miss my friends and me and Leon talked about it and theres no one here for us. I have friends there so I might as well try to find us a place there if I can and then maybe I would be in a better mood sometimes if I had a chance to get out of the house and see my friends and hang out now and then or whatever.
Oh and thank you Misty (hugs)for the comment on the other blog, I miss you to and would love for you to meet my kids and hubby and I would love to meet your kids and hubby and see you again that would be awesome!!!
Come to think of it lol I might just have my cake and eat it to!! I would have my hubby which we've been doing way better now and then I would have the other man that means the world to me and is the bestest friend to me who is an ex boyfriend but a first true love and we are really close and I would love to hang out again like we used to and just relax. Leon mentioned him...I wasn't thinking completely of him, I was thinking more of my girl friends to hang out with but yea Brian is just another wonderful reason that I need to move closer to my friends and Lori. I would absolutely love to live closer to Lori then we could hang out for a weekend if we wanted to and live close that would be cool.
So anyway when tax time comes were going...wish me luck on finding a good place...hugs...

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