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Some awesome blogs that I am following :)

 And great blog things to join too.

I would be happy to put your button on here if you let me know that your following me by a comment and or if you put my button on your blog too :)

So Easy Being Green

Multi-Testing Mommy:  Product Reviews, Giveaways, Recipes, Crafts and Activities for Canadian Families and WomenThe Mommy Chronicles
Sumo's Sweet Stuffitsy bitsy paper
7 kids & countingFree Blogger Event Sign Ups The Epic Adventures of a Modern Mom

Other Blog things to join :)
Whey Beyond the Naked Truth
a mom blog community

Weekend Blog Hop
Visit Blogs To Riches Club
BlogLoveTherapy The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto Blog Search


  1. I thank you so much for opening up access to these blogs, and for sharing your honest opinion on following them as well. I will be following your blog on a continual basis, and thank you for being there for us.


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