KAREN kicked out of casino

It is people like this that don't listen and don't take things seriously when there are now over 150,000 people that have died from COVID-19....is that not a clue that this is serious? Is it not common sense to realize that wow you should actually do something and listen to the Dr's and other professionals that this is serious?

Of course, Vegas is dead because there is a pandemic going on and thankfully there aren't too many other idiots like these ladies that are willing to risk not only there lives but other's lives as well. Seriously get a life! Masks are not unhealthy and if you think they are, explain why and how they are and what evidence that you have to support it?

There are rules and regulations for a reason. Some are like we are free Americans blah blah this is against my rights... it's just like the rule no shirt no shoes no service no just add on no mask to that and if you don't like it then leave don't go there, deal with it! 

It just really makes me sit here and think seriously there are more people than what I give credit too that are as stupid as these ladies are! Never did I realize or pay attention to so many idiots aka "Karen's". Never knew that they existed until not that long ago and now that I see the vids on them...I think wow a lot of those people deserve to be in a flipping mental hospital! And another part of me says KARMA!

Of course, I don't wish anything bad on anyone however, I do believe that karma has a way of finding idiots and doing what needs to be done so yeah this is utterly ridiculous that we have people that just don't give a damn! And it's not even about there lives its about the life of others! People are so selfish, what the hell is wrong with you?!

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