My thoughts on things - political -- read on or move on

Here are my thoughts on the current things going on here in the USA. You can choose to read on or move on.

It is about time that the dirtbag in office was impeached, however, I find it sad and very disgusting that the right didn’t/couldn’t or rather wouldn’t see the wrongs that he has done.

If they think that American’s will forget all about this and how they chose to vote on the conviction of the dirtbag in chief in November, they are sadly mistaken!

There was a blue wave before and there is going to be another one if not a Tsunami this time around!

It is one thing to go out there and spout out over 15,000 lies in 3 years, it is another to break the law and know that you did it and yet you brag about it because you think that no one and nothing is higher than you and nothing can touch/stop you! That is beyond disturbing!!
We need to keep standing up for what we believe in whether it's standing up for the immigrants that have come into this country looking for a better way of life and ended up being separated from there kids or if it’s any other issue that you are passionate about, stick to it, don’t let up!
For me, this idiot has done so many things that are completely despicable that I never in my worst fears or nightmares imagined such a conniving, deceiving dirtbag be in an office like the oval one that he instead deserves to be in a cell in a jumpsuit that matches his orange painted face!

Since when does someone his age throw such a hissy fit over a photo of him showing his true colors! He isn’t a flattering man in my opinion and that photo that was released of him with the wind blowing and clearly showing the white marks of where his face is painted/colored orange just puts it out there that he is even faker, then we thought to begin with!

Why would someone that is so great and wonderful and innocent not want to release DNA? Why would you want to put it off? Why wouldn’t you want to take 2 minutes literally and have your cheek swabbed and be done and call it a day? What are you afraid of or hiding?
Why would you threaten a whistleblower? Why would you call them fake when the only person that is fake between the whistleblower and Trump is Trump!

Why would you fire someone that is a purple heart vet and who is widely respected for doing his duty and saying under oath what he knew and thought of a not so great and perfect call? Why fire him  and his twin? Why fire anyone that went under oath and told the truth that corroborated with what others are saying/said? Why? That doesn’t make you look or sound innocent, it makes you look/sound more guilty!
And then for you to threaten and tell the DOJ that the sentence for the crimes that Roger Stone committed are way less than 5-9 years or as he put it, no one even knows what he did wrong…are you flipping serious? I give credit to every last one of the 4 prosecutors that quit because I wouldn’t want my name to have anything to do with that! I would want to do my job and if I thought that 5-9 years was descent then I would have done that!

Why and how can he flipping continues to keep getting away with this shit that he does, says and puts the US through?
Is it November yet?

I think that they need to go back in and Impeach him a few more times for the crimes that he has yet again committed and tell the senators that said he learned his lesson to think long and hard about the way that they will vote next time!

He deserves to be Impeached again!!!!

This dirtbag comparing himself to Jesus!??? Are you flipping for real? Is this a flipping nightmare?? Who does that? Who says that? No one sane in my opinion would do that or say that!

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