I still have hope for this country

I am so heartbroken over the tragic events that have occurred this past weekend here in the USA. My heart as many others goes out to the families and victims of the tragedies. I have lost family/friends close to me and it's heartbreaking but when you have people just doing what every one of us do daily go to a store to do school shopping and then something like this happens…speechless! Or go to work and something like this happens!

Some people say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people…okay true but, guns help them kill! We need to get this crap in check! This makes me so flipping angry that we don’t do better about the way that we just let anyone go out and get a gun!!! How stupid is that?!

In my opinion not only do we need to do a very detailed background check but also a mental stability check as well! Something in these people that go out and do these horrendous crimes isn’t right!!! Something in their head, mind or whatever isn’t right! Why was someone allowed to just up and walk into anywhere with a flipping gun in hand?! Why don’t we do more to help with that issue?! Its sad that I’m even writing about this because back in my day…yes the 80’s & even 90s I don’t ever remember hearing about crap like this going on! What has changed since then? What has made it even easier to just walk in somewhere and kill someone? What has made it easier for someone that isn’t stable to go out and buy a gun, any gun! Why do we need such horrific guns here in America? The military sure okay but not just everyday people! There is NO flipping reason that an average person needs a flipping automatic weapon of any kind! None!!

I believe that you have the right to own a gun if you want too, that is your choice and I respect that, however, own a certain kind – no I don’t know much about guns. I do know that having these horrible automatic weapons that can kill so many innocent lives in a matter of seconds is not right! There is no need for any average person to have one of those weapons! Have a pistol or something that if you need it can hurt someone that is coming into your home as self-defense.
I hope that something can be done to heal this country from all the tragedies that we’ve gone through as a country this year and years before.

I hope that we can come together as a nation to be there for one another and put aside our differences in these times.
I hope that the rhetoric of crap that is coming out of the toddler in chiefs’ mouth will not stick with those of us that know that he’s just full of hatred and will not fall for his crap.

I hope that we can make it through this as we have in the past.

I hope that someway somehow, we can stand up more and fight for this country as one nation and get the toddler out of office & behind bars where he belongs!

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