Random Thoughts - Potus is an embarrassment to us all!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to give my thoughts about a few things today. Yesterday I believe it was I’m going to say 90% of the US rec’d a “Presidential Alert” on their cell phones, me being one of the millions of Americans that did.

I don’t agree with this one bit! Like a friend of mine said, if someone hacks into it then what? I don’t think that anyone should be able to, especially this embarrassing clown that is in the White House right now has the right to send messages to everyone’s phone! I don’t like him, I don’t think he deserves to be in the WH and the man is simply a con artist and a criminal and needs to be kicked out right now! He needs to be taken out in cuffs and thrown behind bars where he deserves to be!!! Anyone else in this country that has done the crap (criminal things that he’s done) would of already of been thrown in jail! So why haven’t we thrown him behind bars yet??? Because he’s the POTUS??!! NO!!! He has all kinds of crimes that he’s done and is getting away with why?? He isn’t above the law he needs to be dealt with as any other person in this country would be that has done the crimes that he has done!!!!

How many people have come forward and accused him of sexually assaulting him? How much did the NYT say that he scammed us out of paying taxes?? He isn’t a smart guy at all!! He’s a flipping clown that no one in the world really takes seriously or else they wouldn’t of literally laughed at him the other day at the UN thing! He’s a flipping embarrassment to the US to say the least! He tells more lies in a day then people do in a year! Pathetic! Seriously someone needs to stand up and keep speaking out loud and making it known that we deserve better as a country!!

This idiot has brought this country to nothing but a downward spiral with all kinds of hate and rudeness!!! He flipping made fun of the woman that was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh!! What kind of man, what kind of person mocks a woman that has been through what she went through??? Someone that doesn’t respect women is the kind of person that would mock people like he does!!!

He needs to be taken down! He needs for each and every one of his many crimes to be filed against him and he needs and deserves to pay for each one of the crimes that he’s committed!!! He is no different than anyone else on earth and he damn sure isn’t higher than the law in this country so why aren’t we pushing for this more?

Come on Mueller kick it into gear and get that SOB out of office and behind bars where he deserves!!!

Just a few random thoughts from your Queen of Random-Lisa

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