I refuse to sit here and take it easy anymore!!! - political talk

So now this idiot in the oval office thinks that he has the right to tell us to “take it easy” oh hell no!! That is going to outrage us even more to stand up to this idiot and not stand here and just take his bullshit that is flying out of his lips day in and out and on his damn twitter!! Really? Seriously? He thinks that he can tell us to “take it easy” while he spews off all sorts of crap and we are just supposed to sit here and take it easy!!!

I really hope that this has put a fire under others as well as myself to continue (for me to very much open way more than sitting back and hushing!!) I hope that this causes so much criticism out there against that idiot that his poor little baby feelings get hurt!! Idiot!!

Seriously? You think that number one you aren’t a legit anything!! Number 2 you think that being a bully and making fun of people and calling people names is fine for you and that is how you are teaching the ones under you is fine?! What the hell??? Oh yea that’s how you get everything is by being a damn bullynot! You seem to think that trying to call the media the enemy of us is going to get us to shut up? Nope! And then you seem to think that oh okay I’ll just rip little innocent kids from parent’s arms and put them in flipping cages!! What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, yea no heart and apparently no brain! No wonder this idiot went bankrupt how many times??? 6 or 7 I believe, and he says he’s a good businessmanyep that’s it b/c you know all of the kick butt business people out there went bankrupt that many times! Idiot!!

So this is my thing.I am going to start blogging out my feelings flipping daily on this idiotic dummy no matter what! Yep so get ready! If you don’t like it that’s okay completely understand but I am not going to sit here and take it and not vent about it anymore! I am going to put it out there that he is truly a piece of crap and needs to be not only kicked out of the white house that we as Americans respect and he doesn’t! Traitor! He needs to be taken from there straight to the jail cell where he is in an orange jumpsuit that matches his flipping ass hair!!!! I am so sick and disgusted with this pig!!!

I will not shut up or take it easy! This has lit a fire under my behind and it will not go out anytime soon!!!! You think that you can spew off at the mouth and literally tell thousands of lies within your not even 2 years and that people will believe everything that comes out of your mouth well I now choose to spew out the truth on my blog and criticize you for the jerkish pig that you truly are!!!

Have a great rest of the day/evening wherever you are!

Your Queen of Random, Lisa

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