Thoughts on the monster in office!

My thoughts on things political talk

I’m absolutely shocked at the way that this country is being run by the monster in office! Some might say why do you call him or refer to him as a monster? Where do I begin??!!! First of all, anything and everything that he does is for himself not for the USA!! Putting innocent kids in cages is a monstrous thing to do! In my opinion, its child neglect and its child abuse and this is telling others that its fine to do kids this way as long as the skin color isn’t white! That is so insane and just outright ridiculous that I don’t understand or see how anyone out there with even the tiniest of brains can flipping still be on his side or following him or whatever!!

This isn’t the way that America is meant to run!!! This isn’t the way that we live!! This isn’t the way that we treat others from other countries and this isn’t the way that we treat others with different skin color!!!!

This is a monster and he needs to be knocked down about 1000 notches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be put in his place and shown that he isn’t allowed to do this shit and get away with it as he’s done all of his life apparently!! He thinks that he is “king” --- not in my book! He’s a flipping dog, monster and other words that I don’t say that much! He’s trying to be a Hitler and that shit isn’t good at all!!

Really hoping that now that Manafort is behind bars where he needs to be and then Stone and whoever else is next and then Cohen as well will start coming along and then it will be the kiddos of Mr Monster in chief!

It’s sad and pathetic that we have someone like him there! He wasn’t chosen by the people he was put in there because of cheating! That’s how he gets what he wants is by cheating! Cheating the US cheating workers cheating whoever and whatever he can is how he lives his life! What a great way to be and raise your kids to do the same! Seriously such a flipping awesome role model to have!!
Those are my thoughts for now but plenty more are coming!
I’ve been going through a lot this year and I’m trying to get back into the norm swing of things so hopefully before too long I can get some posts scheduled if nothing else and get them up along with other book tours etc that I want to continue on with šŸ˜Š Love doing those as well as all of the awesome giveaways that are again coming up!

Much love always

Lisa your Queen of Random

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