UBC Day 2: Who I admire and why

I have a few people that I have looked up to and admired through my 45 years. My first one was my grandfather who started a business from scratch and worked from early in the morning until late in the evenings but was always there for his family. He spent a lot of time with me as a child I was his first grandchild/granddaughter and even though he had a business to run he still took time out for me to make those memories and moments in my life that I will forever remember and treasure.

He went through a lot in his life and through all the ups and downs, through being shot and other things he lived through it and kept his head up and moving onward. I loved him with all my heart!
My uncle Bobby is another person that I admired and loved b/c of the way that he was with me as well. He always knew how to put a smile on my face and be the most kind-hearted person I knew! He was always there to help others anyway he could and had such a huge heart and a great personality. He never got involved in any of the family drama but, if he was around when others decided to start crap he was there for me as my grandfather to get them off of my back as a young person and into my adult years. He moved off to Ohio to follow his faith in a church that he chose to help more with. He was a very giving, caring and loving person and I will forever admire him!

Another person .. since I couldn’t pick just one is the man that I looked up to and called him my dad even though he wasn’t my bio dad he was my dad to me! He helped raise me throughout the years and nothing ever brought him down no matter what was going on and I admired him for that! He had diabetes and throughout the years as he got older he continued to have health issues. But even through the ins and outs of all the hospital visits and the crap that he had to go through with the health issues he never got down about it, he kept his head up and kept positive and kept the faith until his last breath.

It was those 3 gentlemen in my life that I have admired the most b/c they always smiled and no matter what kinds of things was thrown at them in any way they kept their heads up with a smile and had faith and positivity in everything they did and said! I treasure all 3 of them. Sadly, I’ve lost them all

Grandpa to cancer in 2001, Uncle Bobby to cancer in 2009 and Bo aka my dad in 2014 to complications with his diabetes. 

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  1. It is always great to have had strong family members to look up to and be inspired by, though the harder we love the harder it is to lose.


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