My thoughts & opinions about things - some political talk

My thoughts and opinions on some things have been kept to myself but here lately I feel like it needs to be said regardless of who reads it I feel like I just need to get it out there.

So please be forewarned that yes I am going to bring up politics which I don’t do much .. use to do the vids and stopped but I’m really considering on starting that again because those are today’s news here in the US at least and people are aware of the news on every news media outlet and well I want my voice to be out there as well. I don’t care about the number of people that read it etc I Just want to get it out there as my thoughts and I’m not going to hold back any longer!

So please just keep in mind the phrase “agree to disagree” as I don’t want to start anything in a bad negative way I just want to get my own opinion out there on the things that are on my mind about news and today’s top stories and so forth.

So I will first just throw this out there and take it however you likeTrump needs to be out of office and the sooner the better!! There is no damn way that the news media outlets are running all the fake stories/news etc as he claims on his damn twitter! He has probably done more tweets just in this year so far than I have since I got started with Twitter and that was back in 2008 or 2009! Seriously it’s really honestly ridiculous how much he gets on there and just gripes, grumbles, mumbles and outright bullies others! It’s ridiculous! Now if he was getting on there and saying good things and speaking the truth about things going on around the country okay, of course, that would be awesome but this idiot in chief can’t spell half the time must less actually be nice for nothing!

The Trump-Russia investigation just keeps heating up and the more it does, the more Trump finds himself backed into the corner of a very darkened room all by himself! No one is going to take up for him as he has thrown everyone under the bus and so it’s only fair that they tell what they can to whoever they need to in order to cut themselves a deal or whatever to lessen the sentence for themselves!
Seeing that this is going on more than what I thought I think I’m going to do this in pieces so be expecting more out of me about the politics in the US, today’s top stores and so much more from me daily!

Yes, I am going to be aiming for doing daily personal posts no matter if its just talking about work or everyday life or the top news stories going on here in the US etc. I’m aiming to do this and don’t think that I’ll have an issue with it as I’m determined to get it going and continue.
I love writing and I might as well share the thoughts with you all 😊

Wishing you a great morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are! Have a great rest of the week!!

Much love always from your Queen of Random - Lisa

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