Trump Considering Firing Mueller?

So I just listened to this...does he really seriously think that he could get away with doing that? With firing ANOTHER prosecuter that is working on a case that does indeed involve him?! I don't think that he's very smart or intelligent about things like this! IF you even TRIED to fire him, I'm sure that the Congress and House of Reps or whoever would STEP UP and say nope that isn't going to happen! Surely, right?! Hopefully!! This isn't the first time that he's mentioned doing this. 

In my mind, listening to this IF he even considered doing this then that tells me that he is indeed guilty of something or otherwise he would let the guy do his flipping job and prove people wrong and that he has NOTHING to hide! But since he is being stupid about it and "threatening" yet again firing Mr. Mueller b/c Mr. Mueller will NOT give up or in until he does indeed get to the bottom of it all! Threatening doesn't always work for everyone and I respect the hell out of Mr. Mueller by not letting Trump intimidate him and stop him from just doing his job!!!

And like I said WHY would the "thought" of even firing him come across his mind if he didn't have something to hide and he was AFRAID of what Mr. Mueller is going to find out?! Otherwise wouldn't it just be common sense to let the man just do his job and sit back and wait and then say there ya go! Nothing to hide ... this is the actions of a very guilty person!!! Just my thoughts on it...

Have a good evening everyone and rest of the week!

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