You Reap What You Sow Mr. Trump!

So with all the crap (literally) going on in this country this year.I have to say that I completely  agree with the man in one of the videos that I shared about Trump that you do indeed “Reap what you Sow”

I get it that okay he is our President/Commander in Chief BUT he didn’t get that position fairly and how dare he be such a jerk to so many people and then on the other hand how dare some of the people of this country that NO matter it seems like what he does they just blow it off like it’s nothing! What the hell is wrong with you????

This isn’t a post about right or wrong or democrats or republicans etc. This is about just being a person in general. This is about how can you push so far and still just be so out of it that you think that you are flipping UNTOUCHABLE because of the “title” that was given to you that you didn’t deserve and didn’t win fairly!!!

No one is untouchable!!!! Everyone is equal and all of us are first and foremost human!!! No matter what political view, how rich or poor you are or what religion you are or believe in or what color your skin iswe are ALL EQUAL and for this jerk that is up there in the White House filling our country with so much flipping hate and just LIE after LIE it is just despicable how he is even still allowed in my opinion to be anywhere near that White house!!!!!

He has the LOWEST approval rating of ANY president in history as far as I heard and understand (please correct me if I am wrong) He had a cabinet meeting I believe it was earlier this week .since WHEN do people go around the table and say THANK You to anyone that is making our country look like FOOLS and clowns are running our country!!?? Thank you to him for flipping what?? Causing so much drama that we don’t know what to expect the next minute of every day on the news because EVERY time we blink it seems like there is something else coming up about something that out does the last drama!!! Thank you for getting yourself so wrapped up in the BS that you don’t even  which way is up and down and so much so that your own flipping Admin Staff can’t keep straight anything as well! One minute they are saying no this or that didn’t happen or wasn’t said etc and then the next minute after they said it didn’t happen Mr Trump himself is saying the opposite!

And don’t we just absolutely LOVE all of these tweets that he does?! Oh yes I just gotta say one of my all time favorite things is watching what he says next on his temper tantrum that he throws like a flipping TODDLER does!!!

I believe it was this morning that he went on a rampage on Twitter and stated that the media is basically mean and needs to apologize to him?! What the hell?!!! Apologize for what? Oh yea “for all the FAKE NEWS” right? Yea that’s it.NOT!!!

What the hell is wrong with the man?! Did no one teach him flipping MANNERS???? Really ridiculous!! So much so that his OWN kids as well do what the staff does and says one thing and then he goes and says something else to contradict them.

He charges his OWN SON Eric for flipping throwing a fund raiser for SICK kids at or on one of his properties and he said “I don’t care if he’s my son or not” he’s going to charge him something like $100,000!!! Seriously??? Then you can go and take that and put it towards something else that isn’t right!!!! You don’t give a rats ass about anything or anyone but your damn self!!! Utterly disappointing to say the least!!!

How can ANYONE take away from sick kids??!!! Someone that is conniving, deceiving and has NO HEART!!!!
He truly is indeed a total and complete JERK! That needs to be kicked out of the White House and to be thrown back somewhere else . I know how about Prison or back underneath a rock!!!!!!!!!

It just ticks me off how much he thinks that he can get away with!! I heard that not only are people suing him but NOW he is UNDER INVESTIGATION!!! Yep serves him right!!! And he wanted to fire Mueller as well.that better NOT happen and shouldn’t be allowed to screw around and get rid of this gentleman too that is just doing his job and wants to get to the bottom of things just like the people here in America deserve to have done!!!

That is just my 2-cents on this crap going on this week in my thoughts! It’s okay to agree to disagree, I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way that I do, I do however expect EVERY American to want to get down to the bottom of the BS dealing with the Russians interfering in the 2016 election. We ALL deserve to know regardless of the outcome and we also deserve to know if Mr Trump has done any wrong doing and if he has then he needs to leave the office!!! He doesn’t deserve to be there if he’s done anything criminal and if it was anyone else in there and done the same thing regardless of political views we all need to know the truth behind all the BS!


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