Survivor - GameChangers --- Last Night's Tribal!

  I am a huge Survivor fan!! And I understand that its "just a game" and I understand that sometimes players are put into a not so great situation and they are desperate to move on further in the game etc. BUT I am also a believer of there is a time and a place for things to be said and last night at Tribal was NOT the right time nor place for this to play out like it did!!!

 There aren't too many on the show that I am really "rooting" for since my top 2 (Caleb and Malcolm) are gone! But I gotta say I love Ozzy and Tai. And I was liking and still DO like Zeke as well as I thought hmm maybe Varner was okay as well for the guys....after LAST NIGHT at Tribal I have lost respect for Varner! I am so saddened at the way that he did things and I am very upset with the way that things came out and I don't ever in the history of Survivor ever remember them actually NOT going and doing the votes! So last night when hell broke loose at Tribal and Varner just really was a sorry rude ASS and put his foot in his mouth and stepped over the line he deserved what he got and to be sent home!

  I know that everyone is not the same as far as if they are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, bi etc etc. BUT in my opinion everyone no matter what sexual orientation you are, are still very EQUAL in my book!! That is personal and that is between that person and whoever that person wants to talk to and tell or if they decide to say anything. Regardless it is NOT up to anyone else to just shout out that someone is a transgender!! So what??!! It is NONE of anyone's business!!! And I personally don't care. I liked Zeke before and I adore him even more now! Varner was just WRONG in so many ways the way that he went about it and the way that he just put it out there! It wasn't the right place or time for that and I really really hope that he does regret and is sorry for how he played that out. As for Zeke, I adore him and he handled it very well!! I feel for him!!! I seriously wish him the best and hope that he makes it very far in this game!!

  It's not going to change my mind or opinion of him except for the fact that I adore him even more now!! He handled it very well and hopefully he is right and it brings out positive things. That took a lot to be ridiculed like Varner did to him and to be positive about it...that is STRENGTH!!! And I give kudos to the host as well for asking about who to vote out and said okay its done Varner you are out! That was just the best thing to do and the way that everyone was so shocked about the way that it all went down. Goodness!!! That will certainly make Survivor history as a 1st I'm sure!

  I just wanted to put my 2 cents out there about it!

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