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Hello there everyone, thank you for stopping in :) So this week is the #BehindTheBlogger and the topic is These Foolish Things.

So what comes to mind when I say or read that phrase...There are quite a few things that come to mind when I read that phrase. I think that sometimes we fall into the trap of where materialistic things are foolish things. 

When I was younger, my mom use to never hug me or say I love you. Instead, she would buy me nice school clothes and things like that. I understand its nice to look good BUT in all honesty I would of rather of had the occasional "I Love You" and a hug now and again rather then a $50 shirt and a $50 pair of jeans!

I've always felt that way but, with her .. well that was just her way of doing. I don't like that someone would rather buy things and give them to you to wear for a year if that just to look nice at school rather than say I love you and spend time with you. 

I have raised 4 children that are now young adults. And even though I was raised where I didn't hear I love you's, at least not from my mother. My step dad that I referred to as dad said it and my grandparents did as well but, never my mother. So while I was raised like that I promised myself that I wouldn't raise my kids like that. So through out the years of raising my kids, I've always made sure that they were  taken care of and had everything that they needed and things that they wanted too but, on a daily basis a few times through out the day I made sure that they knew that I loved them by telling them that I loved them and by spending time with them whether it was going to garage sales on a Saturday morning spending time together talking (that was time with my daughter) or whether it was just relaxing in the living room watching a movie with all of them. I made sure that I showed them as well as told them.

I know that its just words but, its the meaning behind it and I feel that saying the words with feeling and meaning behind it out does ANY materialistic thing that you could possibly buy someone!

And even today as time goes on and I'm getting older along with my kids growing up and living their own lives, I still make sure that I let them know that I love them and I'm here for them. And I'm very thankful that my oldest and my youngest sons are not just my sons but, they both feel comfortable to talk to me not only like a child to a parent but, also to a best friend. Both of them have referred to me as a best friend and with that I feel that I have raised awesome young men. They are both respectful, grateful and thankful. As for the other 2, they chose to go another way which is fine, it's their lives and I will love them always. 

And with those 2 being around my mother and brother and going along with whatever they told them they believed which led them into the direction they chose. My daughter chose the "materialistic" way of life and that is her choice. I hope that she lives a happy life. That's all a parent can want for their children is for them to be happy. My middle son, he chose another path as well. But like I said that is there choice and I'm not saying it was the wrong path to choose, its just that materialistic things only last for so long. Love from one person to another how they say it and mean it...that lasts a whole lot longer and never ends...just my thoughts...

Have a great rest of the day and week and thank you for coming in and reading my blog today! 

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