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  Hello everyone, so today I am involved in another "Behind The Blogger" event. For this week the prompt is simply - The Lucky One.

  When I first think of that phrase, I have several things that come to my mind that I want to share. And everyday I am very thankful that I am one of the Lucky Ones.

  The Lucky One can refer to several different things. For me, I believe that I am one of the lucky ones because I didn't get caught up in some bad habits and things. I am one of the lucky ones who tried smoking a cigarette once with one of my besties and my eyes watered and got red and I hated that and never thought about smoking again! I am one of the lucky ones to where I haven't got caught up in the drugs either. I had an ex-boyfriend years ago (right after high school) so alot of years ago who was into smoking ... I am one of the lucky ones where he asked me ONCE if I wanted to try it and I said No and he never asked nor forced me into it again. He never did it around me because he knew that I didn't like it and wasn't into it. He was a nice guy, still is. Yes, he made mistakes but, he is living to be a better person I believe. I am also one of the lucky ones that right after I got married, when my husband would drink his beer and be not such the great guy that I didn't drink.

  I did have a say so when it came to my hubby drinking and we had our ups and downs about it. After a couple of years he listed or something got to him because he slowed down and then stopped thankfully. But as far as anyone else, that is that person choice. 

  I believe that in someway and some form those things were tests for me and I let them all go. I don't have anything against those people that smoke, drink or choose to do the smoking drugs etc. That is the choice that THEY each make and its not my business nor my business to tell them otherwise. I have a few good friends and besties that have smoked or do smoke cigs and that is up to them. 

 But for me, I believe that I am the lucky one in the sense of I never got hooked or addicted to any of those things. I drink now and again (maybe half a dozen times through out the year if that) I drink a nice strong Strawberry Daiquiri but, I am very thankful that I can drink one and that be it and done and go on the rest of week/month etc without craving the drink.

  And I feel for those going through the rough times and maybe they are on something and can't get off of it. I know of someone that I wasn't aware of until here recently where she was addicted to drugs and she went to rehab for less than a week and gave up and walked out. Her kids had already been taken and this was I believe going to help her get them back by completing the rehab. She chose to NOT do that and walk out. She chose to go back home and continue down that road knowing that a court date about her children and custody was coming up. Now they are going to have a court date soon where they will ask for both parents to have their rights terminated. How awful to think about that. But, it was HER choice! I feel for her in a way but, I also think about the kids and knowing what I heard about things that went on .. the kids are hopefully better off now then they ever was with her. Breaks my heart for young people to get into such a mess and it turn around and end up like this .. but she had the CHOICE and apparently she just wasn't strong enough to choose the kids over her own habits and addictions. I pray that the kids are being taken care of and will live a better and happy life.

  So again I say that I believe that I am the lucky one or one of the lucky ones to not of been caught up in those bad things and addictions and so forth. I am one of the lucky ones that would rather stay far away from any of that stuff. 

  I hope that you enjoyed reading through my blog today. I enjoy writing these #BehindTheBlogger posts. Join us again in 2-weeks for the next one! And feel free to join in as well. See below for the info.

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