Welcome to the new month again!

Hello everyone, I have been going crazy with work here in the last month! I ended up parting ways with one, which is fine because as we all know, when one door closes another one opens and the ones that have opened are better. I was working for a client that wanted me to STAY at my desk (even during lunch) and be available and I was working from 8-6!!! Given the money was good BUT anyone that works a job for that darn long deserves a lunch break WITHOUT being available during it! So that didn't work out, but, as I said it was all for the best. We parted on good terms and life goes on.

And in return a few more doors opened and I have been blessed enough to have the chance to work with some more clients where I don't work ALL day from sun up to sun down like I was literally. Now I just work my 9-3 and I'm good. I am going to be adding on one more....crazy yes (don't ask me how many clients total I have!) But I am working them on a more flexible state rather than have to sit here during my lunch break as well etc. So I am excited to not only be working with them but, also be starting up with a previous client that I had worked with for a few years until last year when he needed to take a break because of family reasons, in which that turned out good in the end so I'm happy for him! So it sounds like he is ready to get back in the game and kick some butt and I am more than ready to help him with it all and succeed!

With the other client, it was such good pay there for almost a month that I had the chance to send my hubby money for his books so he enjoyed that. $100 goes pretty far and he still hasn't decided on what to spend it on. I told him to enjoy at least some of it. And I sent my oldest son some money to help him out as well as I went ahead and bought my youngest son a late Christmas and early birthday this year present...I got him an Xbox One S with one of my weekly paychecks and still had money left to spoil myself with of course a game on Steam :) 

So with all that being done its been a good year! My son took pics of the Xbox One S and the 3 games that he got with it. We thought that the color would be more "blue" but, regardless I still like it and he seems to be getting use to it and not minding it so its all good!

I am very thankful, blessed and appreciative of the fact that not only I get to stay home and work in my home office in which I LOVE and wouldn't trade for the world but, that I can make a living off of it and support my family. Very thankful and wouldn't give up my working out of my home office to go back out in the world to work for anything!! Probably not even a million dollars!! YES! LOL...I love my work that much and enjoy having the freedom of not having to worry about things like work clothes or gas money or traffic etc. I don't sit here in my pj's everyday but, on cold, cloudy and messy days, yes I do sometimes decide to stay in my pj's and work! :) 

Have a wonderful rest of the day, week and month!!

Wishing you all the best always

Lisa-Queen of Random

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