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  Hello everyone, so this week I'm participating again in the #BehindTheBlogger post called Rock Bottom. And I know what it's like to hit rock bottom (probably in a different way than many) but, it was my own rock bottom and I'm going to share my story with all of you.
  Sometimes when you hear people refer to "rock bottom" many thoughts can go through your mind. For me, hitting rock bottom was having to up and move out of our home back in 2013. Married and had 4 kids (all teens at the time-youngest one still is (18) ) anyway...my oldest was moving to live with his best friend, my daughter and husband was going to be moving 4-5 hours away from where myself and my 2 other boys were going to be staying, also with a friend of mine. So just that .... leaving our things behind literally a whole HOUSE full of things and only taking what we absolutely had to have was an emotional roller coaster and being away from 2 of my kids, my oldest and my only girl was also weighing heavy on my heart but, that is the way that things turned out. Hubby and I decided (mostly me at the time that we needed to separate and figure things out b/c we just weren't working at the time staying there. So we separated and went our different ways. Still of course talking and keeping in touch b/c of the kids but, it was still hard...that was my rock bottom. Having to move in with one of my then best friends since 7th grade and not having my "own place or my own things except for my car was not easy. Yes, I know there are WAY worse things that could of happened etc.

  So things turned out to where we stayed with that friend for 2 years or actually a little over 2 years and honestly I could NOT handle it anymore. So again, this time with my oldest and my youngest we headed out and got our own place here. My middle son decided to stay back in TX with my then best friend which was fine, he had already graduated high school and was old enough to make his own descisions and choices and that's what he wanted. 

   We came here with literally again with only what we had to have...I brought my oldest son down here with the car packed full of stuff and then the following weekend came back with my youngest son and my baby boy Oreo :) We had no furniture, no beds, not much of anything really...just us 3 and Oreo. Thankfully I have still the convenientcy of working out of my home so it wasn't too much of a big deal and my oldest son had got transferred to one of the stores here so that was all taken care of and fell into place nicely.

  Thankfully, and with a lot of hard work and prayers, we eventually got things that we needed. We eventaully got a living room set for the boys to sleep on (sectional) and then my oldest sons friend had a mattress for him and then one for me as well (very thankful for that!) Beats sleeping on the floor, although we made it work b/c thankfully I'm a nut for blankets lol or rather comforters and I love to have plenty of them for the cold winters and not to mention that we've been through plenty of the winter ice storms and well I just love to have plenty on hand always and this was a point where I was thankful for that because it wasn't really too bad sleeping on the floor for a little while at least I had blankets for cushioning! 

  And then as time went on we were able to get more things that we needed and now the 2nd bedroom has all the bedroom stuff that it needs with the bed and dresser and all that along wtih an L-shaped desk for my son and my room has most of the same minus the dresser. So I have what I need to be comfortable and work and get things that we need and sometimes even things that we want as well :) 

  I know that I am very fortunate and blessed, grateful and thankful and appreciative for everything that I have here in this apartment that at one point didn't have much of anything but a few boxes! 

  But here we are today, my oldest son left at the end of last month to go on an adventure with his best friend and now lives 10+ hrs away where it really gets COLD and actually SNOWS lol! Here in OK we think that its cold winters but we don't really know until we go to Colorado where its really cold in the winter where my oldest son now lives and reminds me lol sometimes that yea they really know what snow and cold is! :) We talk everyday so its not as hard as I was thinking it was going to be...still hard but, we have that bond and thankful that he chooses to keep in touch with me daily like he does!

  So my youngest son and myself are going to be moving yet again next year around my birthday or so to be closer to my friends, since we moved here so my oldest could be closer to his best friend and other friends. Now its my turn to be closer to my friends so we are moving up to North OK next year above Tulsa and that will be I'm sure an adventure again for us.

  If it wouldn't of been for all the things that have happened back in 2013, I wouldn't be where I am today and in all honesty, I'm happy and content where I am. I love that I have my own place and that I am the one that did it!! I am the one that furnished it on my own (with help with a few things from others) but mostly on my own and I am proud of myself and what I've accomplished in the last little over a year that we've been here....year back in July. I am grateful that I can continue to work from home and make a living and pay for my car payments, bills and rent on my own. I am very thankful that I can say that I've done this on my own and that hopefully we can continue to live a good life like this, hopefully for the rest of my life! I don't want to go out and work out in the work world...it breaks my heart to see older people working in fast food places and other places..they should be relaxing and living life not having to worry about things...I hope that I can always be good at my job and work remotely from anywhere because even though I say that I want to continue working for the rest of my life...and I do, I plan on working on my deck looking over the ocean one of these days as well!! Might as well really enjoy life right? 

  I hope that you enjoyed reading about me and my story of being Rock Bottom. Please also go through the other bloggers in the linky down below and read other's stories of Rock Bottom from #BehindTheBlogger :) Have a great rest of the day and week!

Lisa-Queen of Random    


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