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   Hello everyone and thank you for stopping in today! I am taking part again in the #BehindTheBlogger and this week the topic is simply Fight For Your Right and what a terrific topic that is!!

   So whether you are new to stopping in here on my blog or whether your someone that frequently stops in, you should know that I don't usually post things about politics on here. But, with this year and the election and all that is going on surrounding that I believe that I have posted a couple of political blogs in the last month or so.

   Regardless of your stand on where this country is going and who is voting for who etc. I just want to say that each and everyone of us need to certainly stand up and fight for our rights!! Which I'm referring too get out there and vote and have your say! Whether its for Clinton or Trump it doesn't matter...we each have our right to our opinions and I respect everyone's opinion and will agree to disagree on subjects where we disagree.

   With the respect of "fight for your right" we as women need to STAND UP tall and not let anyone tell us what we can or can't do!!!! Regardless if it's Trump and his words that aren't so nice and in my opinion him just being a completely mouthy jerk and a bully (just MY opinion) or whether it has nothing to do with him and its someone that you know or someone that your married to or dating or working with etc it doesn't matter who they are, what matters is that you STAND UP for yourself!!! I use to let others tell me what I could and couldn't do and I finally had ENOUGH of it and decided to take my life into my own hands and not let others have a say in what I choose to do with MY life!! After all its MY life and no one else's!! Just like its your life and no one else's so don't let them tell you that you should talk this way or dress this way or vote this way!! You are your OWN person and you need to decide what you want to do regardless of what its referring too. My mother told me I couldn't go to college because I had 4 children to raise (years ago) but, do you know what I did?? I went to ONLINE college!!! It can be done if you set your mind too it then do it!! No one has the say in whether you can do what you set your mind too but you!! You have to be in control of your life and if others are telling you what to do or not do etc then they must not be living the life that they want too or else they would be more into worrying about their life and not what you are doing or not doing!

   Personally I think that everyone needs to make up there own minds to do online school or online college or to go to a classroom for it. What is right and works for some doesn't always work for others. Like me, I have 4 kids and back then I was running a house being a stay at home mom and for whatever reason people would tell me you can't do this or that you have a family to take care of etc. Well yea I did and I did take care of my family BUT sometimes you have to take a minute for yourself and do what you need to do for you!

  So please keep that in mind and fight for your right in any and everything that you do!!

Wishing you all the best and a great day!! Thank you for stopping in and reading this blog, I appreciate it! Much love and please feel free to visit some of the other bloggers below that are participating in this #BehindTheBlogger post this week :) 

Lisa-Queen of Random

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  1. i agree with you that you should fight for your right to be yourself and reach your goals. i think there are a lot of people who don't. congrats on going to school and getting it done your way! when i became a stay at home mom i was worried that i was letting people down by not working, but then i realized that i love being a full-time mom and it's the right choice for me and for our family. i don't worry about it anymore. :D

  2. Thanks for the reminder to stick up for ourselves and be our own advocate. Thanks for posting!


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