Clinton VS. Trump - so close - just my thoughts


   I know that I hardly ever say anything on here dealing with politics and honestly I don't pay too much attention to it other than of course the years that we do the presidential election.

Here is a very useful article that I found today that was emailed to me about the election and how close the polls are. Read it here

   I use to be glued to the tv in the past where I would keep an eye on everything - watch all the town halls and the debates and so forth. And on election night I"m pretty positive that is still going to be the case with me - Glued to the tv!

  But as I get older I just let it go and whatever happens although, this year I have heard bits and pieces of things and I gotta say that the attitude that Mr. Trump has meaning the name calling and the bullying and such things where he sticks his foot into his mouth nearly every time he speaks just is outrageous to me!! And I an completely understand why some big Republican's just can not back Trump - I can admire them for not backing him if they don't stand by him. For some things I question how can someone stand by someone that is namecalling (calling a fat woman a pig I believe is ONE of the things that he did) I don't understand that? How can you do that?? I mean seriously name ceiling someone that isn't even in the race with you? And then the other ways that he bullies people...there are a number of things that I've heard/read that he's said and I am not going to bother to repeat them all but geez!! I mean this is a man and I get it we all make mistakes but, I've read in a few places that he isin't and wasn't serious about actually "running" as president and did it for a number of reasons and the more things come up the more I'm wandering are these stories true??

  I'm not speaking for anyone but myself when I say that I don't want someone like Trump to become President in the ways that he treats and talks about others! I don't want my grandkids or even my young adult kids right now to look up to him and think that it's alright to make fun of people and to name call just because and bully others! I have taught my children the opposite of all those things and don't want them to look at him and think hmm well if he's doing it then its  okay if I do! That isn't something that is a good trait for anyone must less a public figure wanting to run our country! What does that say about our country?? Not good things in my mind! And even in the pic above he looks smug like he's all that and couldn't possibly lose to anyone and especially not to a woman! Ugh!

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  1. To be honest-- and really, I can't quite help being anything but!... I'm a bit surprised that I even looked at or clicked on the link to this post. But I'm so glad that I did!

    While I certainly have my fair share of beliefs about politics and whatnot, I'm not one to talk about it. It's not even a real interest of mine-- I listen to public radio in the mornings in an effort to current on what's going on, but I'm not out there canvassing. Also, I'm a pretty private person in general, and that doesn't change around/during election season.

    I think that this post raises a couple of points that I hadn't really considered before. Sure, I've observed and thought about Trump's attitude, demeanor, and so on, but I hadn't quite added to it the ideas that are outlined esp. towards the end of this post. Essentially, re: the idea of a president/leader being a person to look up to, emulate, and think of as a role model-- especially for younger people and for future generations.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. I can not vote for Trump because of what you said. He is a bully and now he is saying that the Debate on Monday is rigged and stacked against him. He thinks everything is about him! He is a terrible disgrace to America!


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