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Well hello there blogger friends :) I'm enjoying being a part of the #BehindTheBlogger. This time around the title is "You Don't Know Me" So I am going to be giving you the perspective of what that means to me and then some things about me that you probably or might not know about me.

So the first thing that comes to mind when I see the title "You Don't Know Me" is don't judge me when you don't even know me! And no I don't mean this to anyone out there its just the first thing that comes to mind when I read the title. 

I think that sometimes people can be so quick to jump up and judge others before we even get to know the other person. No, I'm not saying that everyone has done or does this, I'm simply saying that some do and that yes I'll admit I've done that as well. And I've learned not to jump up and judge the  person until you've actually gotten to know the person and then go from there. Your initial reaction to them could be right or it could be completely off...just depends on the person and things.

For me I find that I use to care what people thought of me before they got to know me or what people would say behind my back and couldn't or wouldn't say to my face, I'd just hear about it from others....well as I've grown up through the years, especially the last 2-3 years I've realized that people are going to have opinions on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE no matter what you say or don't say and no matter what you do or don't do. That's never going to change. And the sad thing is that it's the saddest when blood (family) is supposed to be thicker than water and yet in my case it's just the opposite!! My own family judges me and talks down to me before knowing the facts or talking to me about it or asking me or anything and yet my freinds that have been by my side literally since back when I first started school. One of my friends, I'll nickname her K has known me from back when I first started school through the 6th grade until we moved from OK to TX. Yet her mom and herself have been there for me always and I'll be there for them as well. No we don't talk on the phone every week or anything like that but, we comment on facebook and we know that our friendship is good and that I would do anything for her if she needed it and I could do it as well as her mom. She was a 2nd mom to me back in the day and she put me as family on her facebook :) She's a great lady and since my mom doesn't care and won't have anything to do with her it's just made  my friends mom see right through my mom all these years and see  my mothers "true colors" shining through.

I have a few other besties and friends from high school that I would do anything for as well and I have the friends that I've met back in the AOL chat room days 17-18 years ago whom we are best of friends and talk a few times a week etc.  That's how I know that my friends are my family because my real family has referred to me as the "Black Sheep" of the family for as long as I can remember. Because I don't know my bio dad and I look like him and not my mother. So therefore in their little minds that puts me as the black sheep of the family because I don't take after my mom....LUCKY ME!!!

I don't know my bio dad. I didn't find out who my real bio dad was until my grandfather passed back in 2000. I called the man that I thought was my bio dad (the one listed on my birth certificate as my father and he's the one that told me that he wasn't my bio dad and told me the name of my bio dad. He's the one that explained to me what happened and he's the one that let me know the TRUTH of things since  my mom never told me and when I confronted her about it denied it and didn't want to talk about it. She said he didn't care and didn't want me. Okay I get that, I understand that BUT I had a right to know that back in the day regardless because at times before she married the man that I referred to as my dad I had asked questions and she put me off.

And here is one of my favorite songs that I just found out about earlier this year and I LOVE the song!! It's by Sia and its called Alive

So there is a little bit about me that I'm sure some or most of you didn't know...I don't talk about it that much or rather I don't think about it that much.

I hope that you all have a great rest of the week and month and have a great brand new upcoming month next week!!

Also, thank you for taking the time out of your day and reading this blog. If you'd like to read about some other awesome bloggers, feel free to 

Lisa-Queen of Random

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  1. I LOVE Sia, and I think that's her best song ever! I'm a dancer and choreographer so I'm dying to get this song choreographed! I've done it in my head, now I just need someone dance it :))

  2. Agreed on the judging--I like to think that no one is ever in the place to judge anyone else. I'm glad you have such awesome friends! <3

    Love that song by Sia! I am terrible about knowing the titles to songs so I've heard it before but didn't know who it was by/what it was called--thank you for that! :P


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