The beginning of 2022 ----- letting it still sink in

        For me those words are stuck in my head and I am not handling it very well at all...I keep hearing him say those words "beginning of 2022" and I'm thinking NO this can't be right!! But this or but that and there has to be something that we can do! That I can do...anything?!!! But for now that is the reality that I didn't want to hear when I had asked him about it and he knew right off the that possible?? Is this the reality that he's going to be over 50 when he finally comes home and I'll be creeping up on 50 when he finally comes home in 2022!!!

        Then I'm thinking okay we can do this..I don't want to be negative, I won't be negative!! I can't be negative as it doesn't get you anywhere or anything!! Think won't last forever...we've grown so much and its almost been 3 years this coming August so I have to continue to think that we can only get closer as 2022 gets one day closer as every day comes to an end its one day closer to him coming home....

      I am so thankful for the time that we've spent together and I know that there is more time for us to spend together. Being able to write each other is a privilege that neither of us take for granted! As well as being able to talk on the phone...I've gotten so use to hearing his voice a couple times a week. Sometimes its hard to put the money on the phone while thinking should I put this towards this or that or another bill etc but I always seem to be able to put money on the phones for us because its just something that we need and want to hear each other ... it makes each of us stronger I think hearing the sound of his voice.

   We write each other..I'm ALWAYS writing him (typing) him a letter...I use to send out 3 letters a week but here lately I've slowed it down to 2 letters a week along with a card or two a week for him :) 

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