Making a Living working at home is possible!! I'm doing it!

Good evening everyone and thank you for stopping in and reading my blog. Are you tired of going out in the world and dealing with all the "co-worker" drama and all of the BS that comes along with nearly every job out there? Are you wanting or needing to do something else but you just don't know what and you aren't sure of what's really "legit" and what isn't?

I'm a woman that has been living on my own for over 3 years now so believe me it can be done - I'm doing it! You just have to have determination to get things done just in a different way. You HAVE to get into the habit of when you are "WORKING" you do nothing but that!! Doesn't mean that you can't take a break to go to the bathroom or other little things like that but it does mean that you have to concentrate on the job at hand.

For me I have a few different clients that I work for and only ONE of them is considered on a "set" schedule. The other clients that I have and work for are basically anytime through out the day when I want to work I do! No, not all clients/jobs are like this (I'm very fortunate to have this the way that I do!) I've been with one of my main clients coming up on 3 years next month and another client my main one that is the one that is on a "set" schedule, at the end of the month I will be with them for a year!!! I absolutely love my clients!!

With the main set schedule client that I have, I have co-workers that I chat with daily and they are like a family to me!! I love each of them! They are really great to work with. We don't have any drama or BS etc. We just have a nice work environment where we all respect each other and can talk work and at time (a lot of the slow times) we can relax and just chit chat :) 

And with the other clients, I don't really have any other co-workers. I just email and talk to my clients on a regular basis and keep them updated on what I'm doing and they email/call/text me when they need something etc. 

I wouldn't give up working out of my home office for a million dollars!! 

Seriously, I really wouldn't!! I'm not rich (money wise) by any means but, I feel that I am rich in ways that I get to stay home and work out of the comfort of my home office which I love!!

I have my corner desk set up (cluttered more than norm right now!) but I have my 2 laptops, my printer all in one my file holders and paper stack holders and my clipboard with things on it and I feel like I'm in an office setting which is great for me! I have my important stuff up on the board and on the wall in front of me and my voip office phone is setting u on the top of my printer. So I have it all set up and especially my headset which is ALWAYS on  my head it seems with Spotify playlists .. LOVE spotify! 

I just wanted to share what its like working at home...more to come in the near future!

Any questions, email me or leave a comment!

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