End of June is here ... half the year over!

I can't believe that its the end of June already!! 

Where on earth has this year gone?? 

I'm ready for the way cooler weather to be with us again ... the nice cool breezy Fall evenings...where you can actually sit outside and enjoy it without breaking out in a sweat! I used to love the summertime but, now I'm just ready for the cool weather all over again! 

And as the end of June is upon us and the new month is soon to begin around the corner, did ya think about this...Christmas is 5 months away?! What?? Yep seriously hard to think about! At least it is for me!

I love the holidays but I have so much more with this year that I want to do. I'm looking for us a new place since well I just don't like apartments ... not where they have no respect for the ones that actually SLEEP in the night and not stay up and blast music at 1 am on a weeknight!! Seriously? Who does that? Inconsiderate people that's who and I'm sick and tired of dealing with them so since my lease is up at the end of this month and we can go on a month to month lease I'm looking for us a house instead of an apartment.

Since I work here in my home office and take phone calls and need to have a professional quiet with no noise background when I'm on the phone I think that getting a house and possibly with me a real home office instead of part of my bedroom as my office that would be even more fantastic!! 

We are looking to get another pet...probably a Husky or a Cocker Spaniel or  maybe both? Just depends...I'll be taking the boys to the animal shelter at one point to find us a sweet pet just like we did with our sweet boy Oreo (cat) he is still the KING of the castle :) So no inside dog(s) at least for now but, of course in the cold winter it will come in and cuddle with the boys I'm sure as Oreo is my baby boy and he will always remain the only cuddle buddy that I have :) 

Have a great rest of the month/week :) 

Feel free to stop in again on Friday as there are going to be a TON of giveaways starting this Friday July 1st!!!

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  1. Isn't this just amazing? How time flies-- time; period! :p
    Today is Sept. 25. This morning I thought "Wow, Christmas Day is in THREE MONTHS! We are 3/4 between Christmases!" And it's not unusual for me to think about how crazy it is that "Wow, summer's over already!" or something like "Whoa, it seems like just last week we were saying "I can't believe it's already March; pretty soon it'll be September!" ...It happens every year, of course, but it's still... amazing. :)


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