Getting back into the groove of things!

Good afternoon everyone, hoping you all are having a great day/weekend!!

I'm SO happy to be back and getting back into the groove of things again. I really missed getting on here and taking the time to blog...I missed it!! I guess working 60 hours a week just got to me!

But regardless I'm here now and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon and I'll be keeping things up to date - going for at least a few times a week probably mostly late at night since my hours got extended to later in the evenings so I'll be slow at work and I've decided that I'm going to take the time to get caught up with things then or like today when we have a slow time in the middle of being steady it keeps me going and up to date with things.

So enjoy all the upcoming things that I have planned!! 

I'm going to be getting involved in the "Blog Hops" again here pretty soon as well as other things and trying to get back into the groove of doing reviews as well. I might just take it on and start doing game reviews...its something I enjoy and might give it a go!!

I love playing games...time management ones are my favorites but I also love ones such as Sims 4 along with building city games and farming and other ones...So I'll get that updated soon as well on the games that I'm going to try to put videos up on while playing :) 

Let's see...what else?

I'm going to be doing things with my Prison Wives Unite facebook fanpage too and see if I can get some stories and things coming in on that subject. I think that its a touchy subject for some as some people tend to judge while others think that possibly things that the family are going through that they are just trying to get sympathy etc. That isn't the case with most of us! Honestly I don't know any other family members/wives etc that are going through what I am at the moment but, I know that they are out there! So one of my goals is to get to where we an open up and share things and not be ashamed or anything like that about the situations that we are in with our loved ones incarcerated. 

Everyone is human and ALL humans make mistakes!

I have quite a few things (goals) that I have and I'm working to keep for this year. I'm very passionate about things and unless you've literally been in that persons shoes or situation you don't know what they are going through or understand as much as you can. For me, with this going on 3 years now I feel that people don't understand that some just look at you like you're a bad person because your loved one did something-made a mistakes and now they are where they are and yet we are the ones that get the stress and headaches as well trying to figure out things and keep things together and running like they should be while our incarcerated loved ones have the stress of dealing with the everyday things that they are going through where they are and having the guilt of feeling helpless/useless because they are there and not out here helping us.

I just want to open people's eyes up out there to realize that the families here out here living our lives and making ends meet everyday and keeping the family going and running and being strong in front of everyone, we aren't bad people for still loving the ones that are incarcerated....that is LOVE!!! And you don't know what that is until you find yourself in an unimaginable situation/place like this!

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