#BehindTheBlogger - To Whom It May Concern

To Whom it May Concern.....

I am just a woman, I make mistakes but I live and learn. I admit when I've done wrong and I work on myself and my life to make things the better and to make myself a better person.

The pics represent the calm and beautiful scenarios  that one day I will share with my husband again....I am dreaming of that day....one of these years we will be in a better place (together) and I will take care of him and we will live the life that we want to live (traveling etc).

We raised 4 kids and regardless of the path they chose, I have to say that I had to do something right...they aren't on drugs, smoking and or in jail and trouble makers so somewhere down the road I/we must of done something right.

The paths that each of them have chosen are going in different directions, some along side me and a couple going in the opposite direction. As a mom and parent we can only do so much ... they are young adults, they have to make the choices and go the path that they believe is right for there selves.

To whom it may concern....

I want to continue living life to the fullest. I want to spend it with my friends who I refer to as my "family" and my kids. As well as my God Children and my grandsons. I want to be the best person/friend that I can be. And I am determined that as long as I'm happy with the way I am and the way that I feel etc. than that is ALL that matters! 

Others are going to put me down and gossip and start rumors/drama etc no matter what I do/say so I have finally, thank goodness, come to the realization that it doesn't matter what others say or think about me, as long as I'm true to myself and I believe in myself than that is all that matters!

To whom it may concern....

I have worked my butt off through the years raising kids and working at home. Yes, I actually "work" here in my home office. Some might say/think "yea right sitting on the cmputer all day doesn't mean that you're actually working etc...unless you have actually done it, you probably won't understand it but, somehow, someway I have and I am working from home and I am supporting myself and my minor son who just turned 17 on the 22nd of Oct. So I must be doing something right if I am on my own and kicking butt working and making a living and its not a "business opp" its working for a few clients and I really enjoy everything that I do and that I'm learning.

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  1. I am very proud of you although I only know you through the computer, you know WORK ... which IS work HARD work! Raising children is hard work too and I am so glad they have you. I am sorry you are waiting to be with your loved one again but you WILL be.


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