#UBC Day 2 - my son joining me working at home!

More and more people I think are getting the opportunity or chance to work out of there homes. Whether its with a business/company or maybe their own business etc. I think that its absolutely awesome that people are taking the steps to do that!! Not only is it more time to spend with your family but, it saves so much time getting ready in the morning, dealing with traffic, and dealing with anything else that comes up with having to get out and go in the "real world" to work a job. Nothing against those that do, I get it, you don't want to be stuck in your house 24/7 or for other reasons you just need your time/space or maybe you haven't decided to actually check into a legit way to work at home yet. 

For me, I've been working out of my home office for over 16 years! I don't do businesses such as Mary Kay or anything like that as of yet. That's not what I mean when I say I work from home. I actually have a customer service position with a great company where I answer calls and talk to customers and I have Real Estate clients that I work with in the Real Estate field that I truly love!

So yesterday my oldest son who is 22, made the decision to completely stop working at a fast food job that wasn't giving him the hours that he needed and the hours that he got was equaling crap pay and just not worth it. So being in the field that I'm in (RE Assistant) and being that one of my clients was looking to hire another assistant to help with some little tasks, we decided that my son would join us and help benefit all of us!! 

I am so VERY proud of him!! The decision wasn't taken lightly. We all have bills to pay and he knows that he actually does have to "work" as he's seen me do this for almost 17 years now! So with all that being said, he got himself a laptop and he started his first day of working at home yesterday on the 1st! He did GREAT! He just came in here or texted me when I was on the phone with other clients any  questions that he had and he was great! He seems to like it and loves the open schedule. He has things that has to be done within a certain time range like between 8-10 am for example but its not a "set" and have to be there at this time on the dot job. He enjoys it and I'm happy that he does. He's checking into another position that I also checked into and that will also have open hours to do the work within business hours on business days and its not that many hours as well so he is going to be starting that one next Monday as I will also be starting with the same company but, doing a different position.

So I just wanted to share my thoughts on my son joining me working at home and brag just a tad :) 

Have a great day and weekend!!!


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