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                 This segment of #BehindTheBlogger is It Will All Make Sense Someday.

When I saw this I had all kinds of thoughts cross my mind. So I need to narrow them down or perhaps this could turn into a short story instead of a blog post! So with that being said I think that I will talk about/refer to my marriage. I know that it takes a lot of strength, patience and a little take and a little give here and there to get through the storms that people face. For myself and my husband we have been through a hell of a lot! And through out the 20 years (21 on Valentines Day) I have thought many of times what the heck and why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this? Etc. But always in the back of my mind I would think there is always a reason for things the way that they turn out or the way that things are falling into place good and bad there is always a reason. We just don't always seem to realize what the reasoning is then and there and often wonder why.

For me and my situation, I now understand, to a point that it is making sense of why certain things happened or to a point what put me where I'm at and why he's where he is. I'm come to a conclusion that some things fell into place to give us the chance to get to know each other. We weren't "friends" through out the years. We talked etc but, it was always the kids, work, the bills etc. We didn't take the time to get to know each other even though we had dated a couple years before we got married we still apparently didn't really know each other or take the time to continue to get to know each other and build up the friendship. 

Now, the way that things are we have been getting to know each other through letters, on the phone and visits. In January its going to be 2 years that we've built a friendship and a new found love for each other. 

Honestly, I had fallen out of love with him a few years back and then we separated and I still didn't care to get to know him (bad attitude back then for a number of reasons) but live and learn and I know now that making the choice to start writing him last year and to make that first move to get to know him and just talk about whatever comes to mind we've grown so much through that time. Last year, actually about this time or so last year I had fallen in love with the guy that I met years ago!! I didn't ever think that I would or could fall in love with him again once it was gone I just figured okay were just not meant to be together etc. Well needless to say that didn't happen. In my situation we grew stronger and stronger and its not something that I or we took lightly at all.

We agreed to take it slow and continue to grow on our friendship and also work on our marriage as well. Not saying that we don't have issues still, we do but, at least we can talk and tell each other things that I wouldn't of before. He's become my best friend through out the last nearly 2 years and we've reconnected like I haven't ever with another person. Not even with my first true love! And he's also my best friend of over 27 years or so. He's still a best friend but, those feelings that I had for him and put him on a pedestal, that's gone!! Completely gone!!! He's still my best friend but, there is a huge difference there between the feelings that I've had for him and the feelings for him now.

So with all that being said some of it makes sense to me now and I'm sure as time goes on the rest of it will begin to make sense someday as well.

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