3T- Power of Love - AWESOME song!

One of the very best songs that I've heard!!! I heard pieces of it on The Jackson's Next Gen on Lifetime....SO addicted to the show!!! They are awesome guys!!! Such a touching story!!

I feel like you really get to know them when watching them on the show. Some people just think "Oh okay, they are "the Jackson's" okay so what or okay so they have it all! They are just people like the rest of us and its hard. They go through the stresses that the rest of us do, different ones yes but, we ALL have things that we stress about.

I couldn't even begin to imagine the stress that they have on them to live up to the family name. And all the crap that the media and others throw at them daily I'm sure about this, that or the other....

They are a strong family and they are loved by so many. I am a HUGE fan of 3T and can't wait for them to get that album out!! I know that they can and will do it not only to make themselves proud but, for their Uncle Michael and their mom as well. I know they are both smiling down on the boys and are so very proud of them!

And with all that being said...I saw Prince tweet about his dad and people (some not all) are just rude and stupid! Why can't people realize that it gets you absolutely NOWHERE be rude and put others down! It just makes you look like an idiot being rude!

I love MJ, I love his kids, no I don't know them but, I love them and I feel for them...not only b/c of the life that they are living (always in the media or okay not "always" but whenever the media can or others they start crap and that is just stupid!! They are kids/young adults, let them live their lives in peace...they lost their dad let them be!

I hope that Prince continues to speak out and fight for what he believes in and is right!! I know that he's a strong young man that has a good head on his shoulders.

Much love to them all, they are in my thoughts and prayers....And I will continue to NOT believe any of the bad crappy rumors that have, are or will go around about any of them, because that is their life and its not our business!

Point being if you don't want someone to pick apart your life and all of your mistakes etc then what the hell gives you the right to do that to them? So take a step back and let them be...I know that paparazzi etc have to make a living too...and yes so does the media outlets but, good grief seriously! Where are the "good" stories?? How about some good news or good gossip (if there is such a thing) instead of all the bad and negative crap going on.

It's just my opinion about some of the things that are on my mind tonight....

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