Count your Blessings, Not your problems... #Blessed

So just like the title says, I count my blessings every morning and I'm very thankful for everything that I have and the true friends that have become my family through out the years :) 

I have been so thankful, through out my adult life, I have always had a roof over our head (with help from my husband of course) and food on the table and clothes on the kids backs. I am thankful and blessed that I had done the research that I did and found a legit way to work from home and not only spend quality time with the kids when they were little and growing up and not missing that time with them but, to be blessed enough to keep with it and work from home and get my experience going and grow into more companies and have m ore clients etc. So blessed to still be able to sit at my desk here in my home office in my bedroom and work as a customer service agent and a Real Estate Assistant. I absolutely love doing my work everyday. There are hard days still, as with every job it can get overwhelming at times and even stressful at times but, I still love it and feel so thankful and grateful that I am able to do it and make a living from it! 

My oldest son that is 22 has even told me that he's jealous that I get to stay home and work and not have to go out and deal with the public etc. But in reality I do deal with the public, just over the phone which is at times easier and other times harder to deal with! So he is wanting to work at home as well. Not sure if he's serious about it or just talking about it but, either way its something to consider and think about. I must admit sometimes I have to make myself get out of the house and just go take a walk around the block/neighborhood etc because I get so caught up in my work that's all that I seem to do these days! But it will all pay off when I get my Loan Originator's License either by the end of the year or the beginning, trying to learn all I can and will get it before my next birthday in March for sure!

The clients that I work for, one of them is a company that helps people reconnect with pets that they might of lost. We have microchips that are implanted into the pet and that way if they are ever lost we can help reunite them etc. it's a wonderful company to work for/with and the other one, he's my RE guy in FL. He's really a great guy that is experienced in the line of work that he does and I have learned a ton from him already in just the short amount of time that I've been working with him. He's what got me into switching my mind from becoming a Real Estate Agent/Salesperson to a Loan Officer. I know that I will love it even more because I am so an "office" person and a "behind the scenes" worker! I am one of those crazy ones lol that when I see a Staples or Office Depot or even Office Max I go crazy like a kid in a toy store!! I have to have my office area organized and I have to make sure that everything is in its place and when working on the laptop I have to make sure that things are put into the right folder etc. I am very organized when it comes to work. :)

And with that being said, thank you to everyone that has come on my blog, read one and commented on them, thank you each so much!! I really appreciate it!! I didn't realize until just a few minutes ago actually that I had it set for the comments to be not published until I clicked publish or whatever it says, so I feel bad I didn't realize that there was comments on some of the blogs. But I have lived and learned and now I know what to do and check them etc and I really do appreciate any and all comments. Wishing you each a great and wonderful not only first weekend of September!! September already!! Goodness where has this year gone??? But also a holiday weekend, so enjoy it and have a blast!!

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