Stay Strong!

I wanted to do another positive post for today's blog on staying strong. We've all been through rough times, there is always a bump in the road it seems like wheny ou least expect it or when you really just don't need or want anymore surprises and then here comes a bump in the road. Like the saying when it rains, it pours. You just have to keep looking forward and stay strong. And that doesn't always mean keeping a smile on your face and acting like everything is okay, it just means to keep being yourself and don't fall into the negativity of things going downhill. Things will pass, they always do no matter what, they will go away sooner or later. 

When things are looking down, just keep your head and your chin up and keep thinking about going forward and what the goals are. For us, this is a pit stop so to speak to where I want to be say in 2 years. I just have to keep thinking that right now where we are and all that is going on and happening is a minor pit stop to what we have planned and goals set for the future. We just have to take one day at a time and continue to think positive and not dwell on the bad things or negative things and keep looking forward and one day the bad things or the bumps in the road will pass on by and we will be where we want and need to be, which for us/me is back in Texas and buying a home.

I found this saying/quote and just loved it and had to put it on here and share. And I think that its true. I think that smiling is a sign that you won't let things get to you, its not that you are faking it and smiling and acting as if there isn't anything wrong, but, for me, I smile because it just simply helps me get through the ups and downs going on in my life. I have to smile, because if I don't I'll cry and I don't like doing that. I have but, I just smile and laugh and I know that I've been through some rough times in my life and I'm still here and still standing so therefore I just keep getting back up when I'm knocked down and I keep looking forward and not back and moving on down the road. And yes at times it might take me a minute to get over the bump in the road, but I will and do get over it. So stay strong and keep pushing forward, not only for yourself but, for your loved ones/family  and friends. Whether it be for your kids, your special someone or your friends you just got to keep pushing on, it will get better. Just remember you've been through other bad things and somehow got through and always get through the good things as well so this too shall pass :) And just like the saying says, make them wonder how your still smiling. Especially the ones thajt put you down or doubt that you can do things, let them see you smile and keep pushing on, show them you are stronger than they give you credit for!!

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