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That is SO true!!! Not only will you be very proud of yourself, your true family and friends will be proud of you as well!! And its nothing to sit back and do nothing, listen to people complain and put you down, but, once you get it in your head and mind that you aren't going to let them get to you, you can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to!!!!

I know because I've been there!! My own mother has put me down every single day of my life! When I had kids, she said I wasn't a good person or mom. She said that I would NEVER make anything out for myself! She said that I would always be crap and other things. Well, the truth of the matter is, is that I believed her, let her get to me, let her eat me alive with all the negative talk until 2 years ago and then I changed!!! I decided that I wasn't and didn't have to put up with anything negative anymore!! I did a lot of things to change my life around to where I don't and won't put up with listening to negative things. Negative gets you nowhere!! And that's not anywhere I want to be!!

So I have moved on, don't speak to her unless well I just don't speak to her. If something needs to be said it usually goes through my step-dad because she always has something negative no matter what it is to say and I refuse to listen to it!! I've been a single mom now for almost 2 years and I've been paying on my car and doing things that I didn't think I could no thanks to that part of my family having nice things to say or positive things like you can do it etc. Nope! So I have my friends that may be non-blood related but they are more family than my own is!

So if it wasn't for my kids and my friends I don't know that I could of taken that first step and moved on in my life! But I have and I did and I have a roof over our heads, great friends and to my families amazement hmm I still have my car in the driveway still being paid on every month and I guess that does mean that I do and take care of things even though none of my family sees it that way. Just because I work from home they think I don't really work, so not true!!

I'm working my butt off to better myself and my kids lives and not only that but I am aiming towards getting my RE license which I will do in the Spring! So just because you work at/from home doesn't mean you don't really work! I work my butt off 6 days a week as a CSR and RE Assistant and I wouldn't change a thing!

Okay guess that about sums it up for today's Motivational Monday!!

NEVER give up!!! Keep moving forward, don't listen to the negative BS that comes out of others mouths, they don't live your life YOU do!!

Have a great week!


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