Dad left child in car - murder charges

This is just in my opinion of this situation and case. I don't understand at all how ANY one especially in the heat of summertime can leave any one or anything including animals in a hot flipping car!!! How can you be what I call and look at it like selfish to where you can't take the child out of the car with you and go in wherever you are going!!! If I can't take my children (when they were younger) in wherever I was going then I didn't need to be going in there!! I mean seriously, I don't care if you are running in to grab whatever, there is NO reason that you should leave any child or animal/pet for that matter in the car with the windows up in the flipping hot summertime!! NO excuse for that!! That is just a cold heartless person and thing to do in my eyes and mind and opinion.

You can read about the story hear and listen to it here

And after listening to a little of this story and hearing that he is going to face murder charges, good he deserves it!! Anyone that is just that selfish and stupid to leave a 22-month baby in a car in the heat and dies b/c of his stupidity deserves that and much more in my opinion!

Maybe if we did the things to some of these people that harm children and animals, maybe if we did those things to them that people would wake up and STOP doing stupid cruel things to other human beings and animals!

Just my opinion.


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