Working at home - part 2

I have been a work at home mom for over 15 years!! Yes since my youngest was born!! There are things that you can do from home and make money even if you have little ones. BUT you do need to know that its takes dedication, devotion and plenty of motivation!!

Some people might think that because you say you are a work at home mom that you don't do anything and you just make money! HA! Nope that's not how it works at all!!

You have to be dedicated and you have to make sure that you can divide your time still between your family and actually working. If you want to work at home you have to be dedicated just like you would with any job out there in the world where you dress up everyday to go to a 9-5 job. Its the same for staying at home and working, only real difference, you don't have to deal with the hassle of the traffic and you don't have to get "dressed up" for work if you don't want too.

I have worked for companies like 1-800-flowers and I loved it!! You have to realistic though!! If you have a small child then you need to make sure that you work around there schedule and if they don't have one, get them on one. Make them take a nap at a certain time daily etc. Because when you work at home you don't need noises in the background. I mean even if you aren't working customer service like I have and am you still don't need a lot of noise in the background because that will just cause you to not be able to concentrate like you need too and get work done.

If you have a friend or maybe a relative that lives close who would like to spend time with the kids a couple times a week so that you can work then go for it. But just know that sometimes people don't always understand things when you tell them that you're going to be working at home. They just blow it over like yea right sure that's just a phrase for you want quiet and or alone time but in reality its not that at all!

At first my family didn't get it, you work at home yea right!! Its just a scam knock it off and get out in the real world and get a job I was told! Ha with 4 little ones back then and a couple of  them in diapers that wouldn't of been worth it for me to get out and get a job anywhere because of the cost of day care for 4 of them!! And back then when I was married, we were both young and he was working 2 jobs and didn't seem to mind it. Of course he wasn't the spending time all the time with the kids type either. He was the I would rather be at work then at home with the wife and kids!! And so that's what he did for most of our married life! After a few years though we actually had it to where he would help take care of the house and kids when they were all in school and I would work in my office and make the money for us. I loved it for the most part but I must say its a challenge with him home 24/7's back then and still not really getting and understanding the fact that you can't just walk in on me at anytime you please because I'm home! I was on the phone ALL the time working customer service.

Through out the years I have grown like crazy and had the chance to build up my experience in not only customer service but in the awesome world of Real Estate!!! I was trained by a gentlemen in Houston who needed another assistant and was open to having a VA (virtual assistant) and he chose me! He got me trained to do a ton of things that I had no clue about but, I am a very fast learner and I fell in love with the RE field and fast! Ever since then the only clients that I will deal with is of course customer service but also Real Estate and I love the fact that to me they go hand in hand!!

So right now I have a few clients and most of them, only a couple that aren't in the real estate field and are just customer service which I still love. I really am thankful that I can stay home and make the money that we need to get the things that I need for my children and myself. Very thankful to have all the clients that I do.

So thankful in fact one of the newest clients, only working with him for a couple of weeks now, offered to pay for my RE exam when I'm ready to take it!! I think that is so awesome! So I was considering before he told me that, that this Fall or next Spring is when I will pursue that and with things going like they are right now, I am thinking that in the Spring next year would be an excellent time to go for my RE license. I am very excited about it!

If you have any questions about working at home or where I suggest you look to find clients etc. Feel free to ask either comment or send me an email  


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