UBC - day 3 - Working at home

Have you thought about working at home? Maybe you are nervous about it if you have small kids or maybe you think nah, there isn't a real way to work at home and make money because all of the ways that I've seen and heard about are "business opportunities" or "businesses" etc.

Well I'm here to tell you that there are REAL Legitimate work at home jobs for any of you to do at home!! Regardless if you have kids or small kids. You just have to know where to look and where to apply etc.

I have been working out of my home for over 15 years!!! Yes that's right nearly half of my life and I raised and still raising 4 kids!! My kids are now all teens and my oldest is 21 but, still I worked when they were young!! I started when my youngest whose now soon to be 16 in Oct, when he was just a year or so old!!

My first work at home experience was working as a customer service agent for 1800flowers.com Do you know that they hire work at home moms? Yes they do and no there aren't any costs or anything with them as far as I know. They had hired me as seasonal and I worked during Mother's Day and let me tell you they were BUSY BUSY!! I loved it though!!!I trained here in my home office and got paid for it and then they let me loose and I worked the phones as soon as I passed the training class. Which was great!!!

I really liked them and from there I was bound and determined that heck no I wasn't going to leave my kids at a day care every day that is just a choice I made, mind you I have nothing against the ones that do or are wanting or need too, that was just my choice. My husband worked full time and I was just the housewife and mom and I thought okay this is getting old fast!! I want more I want to make money too so that's what I did!! I started looking around and doing research and found TWO great sites. 

One of them is Elance.com and the other one is Guru.com they are the two best ones that I have worked with through the years. Both of those sites are for freelancers/Ind. Contractors which is what you would be. And both of those sites are 100% free to sign up and join. Yes you have to take skills test and little things like that but, that is something for you to show off your skills as well as learn things etc. 

How do the sites work? You bid on a job. For example if you have small kiddos at home and you're thinking okay I can't do customer service because I have small kids. Well you can do customer service still, you can do the chat or the email to where you don't have to be on the phone. So let's say you find a job that needs email help, you put in your bid how much you want an hour or if its a fixed budget you put in how much you want to complete the job. Its really easy and simple and both of the sites are really good.

Like I said I have gotten most of my clients from either of those sites.

Right now I am working with a few clients. I started my business back in hmm 2009 or so I came up with L&L Services. I am looking to getting it as an LLC or INC sometime this year but, here in TX its a little higher than other states so I am giving myself til the end of the year to get that done. Its really awesome and easy to get your business going if you choose to do that or you don't have too, you can do it by your name. It doesn't cost anything to get an EIN for your business. I did it and it didn't take the long to get it either.

So right now most of my clients that I have, I actually got off of Elance. One of the new ones that I just confirmed with earlier today, she got me from an ad on Craigslist that I had applied for a week or two ago looking for another client and she called me earlier today and talked to me and said the other lady didn't work out and would like to discuss it with me and we talked and she sent me a mock lead to work with and I got it and sent her back what I found within an hour and she hired me! 

Some of the ads on Craigslist (CL) are not good, they are crap and yes they have you believing that its a good job etc when indeed in reality they are full of it and they are some crappy company trying to get you to sign up for something either a product or service or "trials" or other things. So I don't apply or didn't apply for that many jobs on CL knowing that but sometimes you can find a good one like I did!!

I'm going to continue this tomorrow for those of you that are interested in working at home, don't give up!! Seriously!! After my separation over a year ago all I have been doing is working here at home and I have made it over a year on my own while paying bills, car payment and still raising my teens here at home!!

Come back tomorrow for some more options to working at home and making money!


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  1. I think it is very hard to work at home. I give great respect, and did it for years. I think too much other stuff start happening, and lost track to do work out of home now.


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