Student expelled after same-sex marriage

I can't believe some of the things that happen in this country!!!!! I mean seriously you are going to expel an honor-roll student for what she chooses to do in her life?! So what is she chose to marriage a woman!!! 

What real difference is it if she would of married a man? I think that this is taking it way way too far!!

You can read about the story here

What we do in our lives and who we choose to marry or not marry is only that individuals choice. NO ONE has the right to tell them its right or wrong, that is just your opinion. What that person does is going to be her life, her choices, her path that she chooses to go down. How disrespectful for that school to do her that way!! And what is just awful tome is that its in Oklahoma and that is where I was born and raised for half of my life.

Its no one's business who we choose to have a relationship with. You should only be worried about you and that's it. Of course, your significant other but, as far as trying to have the happiest day of your life,or one of the happiest days of your life and then having to worry about the extra stress of being expelled from school because you chose to marry in a same-sex marriage and not the so called traditional way or whatever that is just awful!

I think that both the school and the state should feel ashamed for the way that they are treating her and did her and I wish her and her partner/spouse the best!!

Just my opinion of this.


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